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ADIOSALL Posts: 5,197
7/4/13 6:42 P

I look at before, current, and goal pictures of myself.

WADINGMOOSE Posts: 1,048
7/4/13 12:41 P

I find it easier to be motivated when I have a goal. I'd always wanted to run a half marathon so that's really how all of this got started. A friend agreed to run one with me and it was hard to disappoint her so I HAD to keep going. I actually discovered that I loved running when I got into it so it was easy to stay motivated to run - I look forward to going to the gym now. Plus, I'm mayor at my gym on Foursquare. When I lost that title, it totally motivated me to go more. Which is sad and ridiculous, but whatever.

Eating right is harder, but the more I run, the easier it is to see how what I eat affects how I run. To know that if I eat well, I'll lose weight, and if I lose weight, I'll run faster and easier.

YAEME79 Posts: 397
7/3/13 10:54 P

To stay motivated I think about the end result. I haven't always been overweight and I remember how it felt to be healthy; I miss the energy I had most of all, and shopping for new clothes was so much more fun then. I also have 2 daughters I need to set an example for.

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7/3/13 10:42 P

I think about getting older, and how I want to be active and healthy. I believe the choices I make now, will pay off later. It took me about 20 years to gain this weight, so I don't expect it to come off right away. But when I choose to eat healthy, or choose to exercise, I think about how much better I will feel today, and that's usually enough to keep pushing along.

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7/3/13 10:41 P


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7/3/13 10:30 P

Wanting to be healthy to take care of my kids and to realize that I am charge of what I put into my body is great motivation. It took me a while to build up to hard workouts but it was worth it and now it's a pleasure to do it. It may take time for that to happen for you or anyone but it is well worth the rewards along the way(better blood pressure, more energy, and of course fitting into clothing well).

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7/3/13 9:35 P

How do you stay motivated?
To stay away from carby foods
To exercise
To track every day
To work hard
To do what ever your working to do

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