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LAUREN_ALR Posts: 37
5/13/13 11:11 A

Thanks Happy Travels! What a great journey you are on!

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 58,341
5/12/13 3:35 A

I totally agree with every word you said - I find the same thing and I also find I don't miss the processed stuff either.

HAPPY_TRAVELS SparkPoints: (16,062)
Fitness Minutes: (15,455)
Posts: 273
5/12/13 1:31 A

I started this journey January 3. My husband had to change his eating habits due to a health problem. After the doctor told him what he wanted him to eat more of and what he wanted him to avoid. Mainly he wanted him to avoid processed food, wheat, and potatoes. So I went online looking for recipes and help on cooking organically. I came across sparkpeople. After looking at the site I discovered that it offered everything that the doctor was wanting. I decided that I would also change the way I eat at the same time. Since starting this journey of eating healthy and getting fit I have steadily lost. I never have big losses but I loose every week. I even lost when I went away for a two week holiday. I usually gain on holidays but I stuck to eating healthy. I didn't deprive myself of anything I just learnt a new way of choosing the foods I eat.
I stay motivated because I don't deprive myself. I just choose the foods that aren't processed. I have energy now, sleep better and find that my stress level is very low now.
I don't want to go back to feeling like I haven't slept for a week, not sleeping and short tempered.
I have gone down 37 pounds. I have exercised at gyms 2 hours a day been in great shape but not lost weight before or it would take me for ever to loose a pound.
If I had known that just by avoiding processed foods, wheat and potatoes. By increasing fruits and vegetables, adding a daily walk I would loose weight so easily I would of done it ages ago.
My other motivation is my family. I have five wonderful grandchildren who I love to do outdoor activities with. I want to be able to keep up with them or have them keep up with me.

LAUREN_ALR Posts: 37
5/11/13 9:30 P

Your words of wisdom are great! Thanks all of you!

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 58,341
5/11/13 9:17 P

You said it so nicely - the whole LIFESTYLE change attitude makes a huge difference to how I manage my life for the long haul.

GRAMCRACKER46 Posts: 1,766
5/11/13 7:24 P

It has to become a new way of life. We can't reach our goal and then go back to an old way of eating. So I grieve the old habits once in a while but they need to stay buried.

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 58,341
5/11/13 6:39 P

Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. I have been frustrated with the slow progress I was seeing - plateaus plague me all the time. Then someone mentioned how well I was doing and I did the math - I am actually averaging 1.5 pounds per week - even with weeks of not losing and sometimes a whole month without seeing a loss - my TOTALS and my AVERAGES are not so bad. I just keep plugging along and occasionally stop and look at just how much progress I have made over time. Sometimes that helps. It especially helps when I am able to see that the slowest periods are often followed by the BIGGEST losses.

LAUREN_ALR Posts: 37
5/11/13 6:33 P

Thanks for all of your comments! I love hearing what helps other people so when I forget my reasons, I can remember dozens of others!

MNNICE Posts: 17,289
5/11/13 11:09 A

Small steps and never giving up!

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 950
5/11/13 9:28 A

Sometimes I really have to make an effort to steer my brain back on track. It is mentally like trying to push a dump truck by myself and going up hill.

So far, the most helpful thing has been to remember where I came from- If I feel fat and gross and ugly, how did I feel about myself 50+lbs ago? If I give up, that means I will go back to where I was, and I know I don't want that.

The journey to be healthier can be a struggle sometimes. I just try (and sometimes it is HARD) to remember why I am doing this, where I came from, and what the end result will be.

It also really helps to keep the weight as small part of the goal. I want to be smaller, but I don't let the scale dictate that- I let my clothes, my inches loss, show that.

I am scared spitless about having a heart attack or cancer. So I have to loose the fat- It will lower my blood pressure, and being smaller and lighter will also reduce my risk for cancers and other types of diseases.

And when worse comes to worse... I do an extra workout. I always feel better after exercise, and that reminds me of why I am doing this- And it reminds me that I actually like the sense of control and power this change has given me. I feel powerful now that I have taken control of my- And I really like that feeling.

REBCCA SparkPoints: (408,610)
Fitness Minutes: (214,670)
Posts: 22,743
5/11/13 8:24 A

By making this a journey of mindful self-mastery it is rewarding to make healthy choices.
emoticon Celebrating every choice as an appreciation and affirmation of being resilient with thriving robust health.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (247,245)
Fitness Minutes: (41,397)
Posts: 26,809
5/11/13 6:08 A

My motivation was improved health and reduced pain, PLUS the fact I hated (with a vengeance) having to buy ugly clothes which didn't suit, because there wasn't any other choice.

I didn't have any problem once I started my weight-loss - but then, I didn't regard this as a diet, either. My mindset was that "I will lose some weight", rather than "I will lose 'x' amount of weight by a certain time. That is putting too much pressure on.

What kept me focused and on track, was weighing all my food for increased accuracy and entering it all into the Nutrition Tracker. I also never practiced deprivation, so this was very helpful, too!


REDSHOES2011 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/11/13 4:40 A

Been doing this journey since 2004.. What are the alternatives? I dislike pain and the idea of having to have up fill a doctors criteria for getting new hips and knee joints is out of the question- many people think new joints are a sweet deal.. But they are never as strong as the orginals and wear out if we abuse them too.. Sobering thought for me is for every extra pound the body carry adds up to 3 pounds of pressure on knee joints when walking, and 10 pounds when running...

I have two Adult ADHD'er sons whom still suffer from lossing a dad to type 1 diabetes.. Alot of parents don't consider the implications of their habits and the impact on kids when a family losses a mom or a dad to a lifestyle issue that didn't have to happen..

Realities keep me in check and watching people became prisoners in their own homes up in age whom didn't consider this aspect as a real threat later in life.. It is a bitter deal being a resthome helper and listening to people whom choose to ignore this little unpleasant detail..

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JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
5/9/13 9:11 A

THe answer is: You don't. Motivation is like bathing, you have to start it over every day, because it never lasts. You can (like DIDS70 below) have reasons to keep yourself going, but motivation will fade every time. Mine does.

Here is what happened about a week or two ago to me. I was tired. Tired of working so hard, tired of being overweight, and tired of watching my calories. I just wanted to grab all the leftover Easter candy in my home (I have kids) and chow down. I didn't. Here was why. I have started and stopped a THOUSAND times. (I could be exaggerating by 900 or so) The last time that I gave up was about a year ago, just shy of a year before I restarted. And I thought, "Do I really want to be back here (at this size or larger) in a year again? Or do I want to keep going, despite my own shortcomings, and in a year, be at my goal?" I realized that I like the changes I've made. I really have been eating so much better, eating whole foods, way less processed (very little) and lean meats, but not anything that I don't already LOVE. And the thing is, I feel awesome, just because I eat that way. I don't want to go back to the grumpy, fat lady who eats donuts. I want to be healthy and fit and run around with my kids and play and go for walks and do what they want and later, play with my grandkids because I can, and am living! When our kids are out of the house and we retire, I want to have energy to travel and enjoy life with my husband, I don't want to just sit at home in front of the tv. These are all things, reasons, to re-motivate myself every day.

You just have to find what works for you.

I thought of this when I almost gave up. I will never get to where I want to be, by staying where I am.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
5/9/13 8:59 A

My reasons are huge-- that is all the motivation i need
1. I want to be around for my younger nieces and nephews. I want to push them on the swing, twirl them around, go shopping with them, etc
2. I want to get off my meds. I hate the toxins in them and they hurt more than help.
3. I don't want to spend my old age in a nursing home. I want to go on cruises and have a healthy old age.

LAUREN_ALR Posts: 37
5/9/13 12:32 A

I've restarted this healthy journey dozens of time. And when I restart I'm full of motivation. I'm bursting at the seams with it.... And slowly its gone and I forgot it was even there! How do you hold on to your motivation? I don't want to restart another time. I want this time to stick!

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