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11/7/12 11:52 P

Just don't quit. Stay with it and start anew each time.

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11/7/12 8:39 P

Sparkpeople! I come here and read messages, write blogs, look at success stories and sparkpages! It is so inspiring and it keeps me focused on my goals!!!

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11/7/12 8:37 P

I make things fun and make sure they fit my lifestyle. I try to remain balanced and do not set expectations for myself that are unrealistic to meet.

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11/7/12 6:05 P

for me, to stay focused I have to not freak out over a couple of bad days. Sometimes, either travel or social obligations or whatever means that your workout routine and eating regimen suffer. As long as you tread water during these times rather than try to be overly ambitious, you can stay on track. I don't think these periods can be prevented...only have their impact minimized. That way, a few slips don't discourage you altogether.

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11/7/12 5:57 P

When I stay focused, I do really well with my eating, but sometimes I lose that focus and my eating is awful. How do you stay focused and get back on track when you lose that focus?

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