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DELLA81156 Posts: 201
9/26/13 10:51 A

I keep my eye on the big prize and that's looking good in my clothes and feeling energetic and young... emoticon

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9/26/13 9:28 A

I make it a priority same as work or anything else. Do not let it be an option, or you will back-burner it to everything else and not do it. Make it a priority, because you and your health are a priority.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,223
9/26/13 9:18 A

Well the post-it on your forehead would only work if you wrote backwards and then looked at yourself in the mirror a lot. : )

It could help though to make a bunch of post-its and put them where you'll see them-- on the fridge, on the bathroom mirror etc. I'm bad for "out of sight, out of mind"-- so posting reminders for myself really helps. Also, I log onto Spark every morning and track the food I plan to eat that day. I always carry my lunch to work, and I cook dinner at home just about every night, so I have to have a plan. That gets me the healthy eating anyway; and losing weight is more about what/ how much we eat, than the exercise we do. And then, I've got a Spark friend; we email each other every day with how we're doing on our goals. You could get the same sort of support through a Spark Team or maybe even a friend in the "real world" who shares the same sort of diet/ fitness goals.

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9/26/13 8:09 A

WOW.... I've learned something this month! IT is WAAAYYYY TOOO easy to lose sight of your goals if you let yourself get too busy!!! I know everyone is busy -so HOW DO YOU keep your eye on the "ball"? Short of putting a POST-IT on my forehead - I have forgotten about my journal with (smiley face) stickers for all the goals I met, my rewards I was going to get for completing these's like I've been on auto-pilot the past few weeks! Suggestions on how to keep your goals in "front of you"?

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