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10/24/11 9:48 P

"Bracing for a punch." Yep.

Sit down and poke your gut with a finger. Feel that? Now imagine you're going to be punched and are bracing for impact. Poke your gut with a finger. Should feel different, even if marginally.

10/24/11 10:55 A

I think it can be hard for people who haven't been in tough with their body, to issolate any of their muscles. You might not even know where they really are! I think the only way I really learned how to do this while doing other exercises, was by doing strength training with a coach. After practicing doing these things properly, I can apply these to my water aerobics class or other situations. Another good one, classes or videos ask for are,engage your core, strong arms, or sexy shoulders... LOL it took me a while to figure out what or how to accomplish them!

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10/24/11 10:37 A

"Ab bracing can be described as hardening the abs as if bracing for a punch."

Good point! Technically speaking you are contracting the ab muscles. Sucking in your gut is using your abdominal muscles to contract the diaphragm. It's not the same thing but is actually a pretty good exercise for the abdominals.

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10/24/11 8:39 A

Zorbs, it's funny how things can be lost in description on the internet! What you described "bracing for a punch" is how I feel when I do what I described above. I am definitely not sucking it in! I just used the belly button to the spine to illustrate keeping everything in tight! That must've been a bad desription!

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10/24/11 8:14 A

What the PP described is "sucking it in" - IMHO not as effective as ab bracing.

Ab bracing can be described as hardening the abs as if bracing for a punch. If you are wearing tight pants the sensation is closer to pushing out against the waistband as opposed to sucking in, which creates more space.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
10/24/11 5:53 A

I'm not sure I can explain it, but it's like flexing a muscle. As for keeping the belly in, I try to imagine pressing my belly button to my spine while keeping my pelvis tucked in. You can also think of trying to "close" your rib cage and keep everything in the middle tight. I hope this helps/

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10/24/11 5:23 A

In my daily cardio DVD workout, the instructor says to, "squeeze your abs"...

The only way I know how to do this is to reach down in the area they should be and squeeze with my hands LOL

What I usually do is just suck my gut in and hold it, and I have a sneaking suspicion I'm wrong. emoticon

The other thing the instructor says is, "Keep your abs tight!" Everytime I hear this I get a visual of a girdle or a corset from the Little House on the Prairie days...

I'm doing the video to GET tight abs (mine are rather loose-lol).

So how does one squeeze and keep ones abs tight?

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