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8/7/12 12:49 P

I'm vegetarian, but my mom makes a mean salmon with dill sauce that i used to eat.

Bake the salmon. Mix 1 cup plain nonfat greek yogurt with the juice on one lemon, and 1 tbsp fresh or dry dill.

Spread on salmon or use as a dip. Yummm!

8/7/12 12:29 P

We eat lots of salmon and my absolute favorite is baked salmon with steak seasoning!

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8/7/12 12:01 P

Had salmon last night. It was cooked on the grill and delicious!

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8/7/12 10:28 A

That sound good! emoticon

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8/7/12 9:45 A

I like to put pepper, salt and dill weed on it, then put it in a foil packet with slices of citrus (lemon, lime, orange, whatever you have on hand) and maybe some garlic or onion, and bake it).

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8/7/12 8:21 A

I do the same thing cedarbark does only I steam it stove-top and just check it with a fork to see when it is done.

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8/7/12 8:00 A

I will try this today!

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8/7/12 7:41 A

I don't always use the same recipe, but a nice simple one I like:

Preheat oven to 350 F. Lay out thawed fillet into a baking pan, skin side down. (You can lightly oil the pan to keep the skin from sticking to the pan; if no skin, you can skip this step.)

I like to use a little lemon juice and/or thin slices of lemon, over the salmon. Sprinkle a little ground pepper and perhaps some oregano or other Italian seasonings over the top (well, under any lemon slices). Don't add salt -- not needed with ocean fish.

Bake for about 10 - 12 minutes and check it for done-ness. (If it is a thick fillet, bake a few minutes longer). No need to flip. Fish is done when it flakes, check with a fork, Some of us like the center to be a bit medium rare, others want it to flake all the way through. But don't over cook this fish -- it gets dry then.

Hope this helps! I LOVE salmon!

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8/7/12 7:18 A

I'm following a Spark diet menu and one of my meals today has salmon listed. I have frozen pink salmon fillets. Since there is no recipe with it, how should I prepare it?

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