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NHELENE Posts: 1,469
7/11/13 2:33 P

It sounds like you'd be fine just using the lime juice, and if you can scrape off a little pulp easily, great! The pith/membrane/stuff might add some soluble fiber but I don't think it's worth the hassle.

You could use half an orange instead of a lime too.

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7/11/13 1:35 P

ok detox is a myth, the drink was called green detox so that is why I said detox drink. I made it bc of all that was in it, it was filling and didnt taste awful but not yummy yummy either. Something that I will prob make again just for a healthy drink or hold over to fill me up bc it was less then 200 cals.

thanks to most of you on your comments and help :)

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7/11/13 1:18 P

cut it in half and spoon it out

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7/11/13 12:45 P

Agreed with OPUSEVA. If you want to eat a lime, or use it as a spritzer, then do so, but it has no magical "detoxifying" powers. Your body isn't a toilet, and it can't be flushed. Detoxes which claim to flush toxins and "reset" your body can't do what they claim. Your liver and kidneys already do that, and anything you eat it going to go through them. Nothing you eat or drink can "clean you out."

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7/11/13 12:37 P

Part of the detox is the bleeding.... you bleed out some toxins LOL!

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7/11/13 12:16 P

Save you the time... detox drinks are bogus. Your body already has multiple organs that perform this very function and there is no scientific evidence that drinking certain foods will "detox" your body... it's all pseudo-health.

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MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
7/11/13 12:15 P

The same way I peel a lemon - I wash the whole thing, cut it in to quarters or 8ths, and chuck rind and all in to whatever I'm drinking after giving it a good squeeze. You can't really peel a lime - the skin is tougher and really sticks to the edible part.

I hope you're ok and were able to patch yourself up! And like someone else said, "detox" isn't necessary, and in cases like this it seems to actually be dangerous. ;)

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YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,900)
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7/11/13 11:40 A

Hmmm, if you really need the inside of the lime (not just the juice), I would suggest cutting it into quarters and then with a paring knife, very carefully run it between the fruit and the pith (the white stuff).

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OPUSEVA Posts: 1,329
7/11/13 11:26 A

for my detox drink

Detox is a myth. Limes will not do anything magical to "detox" you. You'd be better off to just skip the whole idea.

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MONKEYMOM999 SparkPoints: (1,726)
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7/11/13 11:17 A

yes I am needing the inside of the lime. I tried a spoon and it didnt work well it was more of juicing it then getting the inside of it out. I will try again next time bc how I did it today hurt lol

NHELENE Posts: 1,469
7/11/13 11:06 A

What part of the lime do you need? If you need the peel, you can use a citrus zester (or a grater). If you are trying to get just the pulp you may want to try cutting the lime in half lengthwise and scooping it out with a spoon.

MONKEYMOM999 SparkPoints: (1,726)
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7/11/13 10:59 A

i tried peeling a lime for my detox drink and I thought that is was like peeling a orange but it was not, so I used a knife and cut myself pretty bad.

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