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How do you measure your progress?

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7/3/13 10:25 A


SparkPoints: (76,906)
Fitness Minutes: (17,391)
Posts: 2,116
7/3/13 9:44 A

Honestly, I haven't really done anything. I know that we are supposed to reward ourselves for our successes to keep us motivated but I just am happy with any positive changes and agonize over all the slow times. I really love your idea, though. There is a definite progress recorded and you can see how close you are getting to a reward. Really cool....thanks for sharing it and I think I will do something similar. Maybe I will actually do better rather than just talking about it and hoping for the results.

Posts: 5,077
7/3/13 9:13 A

As far as the weight maintenance & fitness journey goes, I measure progress the same way as any weight management project, by the scale once a week and keeping track of that data, and also by measuring once a week and tracking that data.

Another factor is that I fit in certain clothes at this level that I don't fit into at a higher weight, but beyond just wearing the clothes comfortably, I really don't consider the way clothes fit to be a reliable measurement for me as clothes stretch, can be mislabeled and how they fit is subjective on any given day.

The scale and tape measure also are good data points for my fitness as well as visually and subjectively noting my strength, energy and well being and how much muscle I subjectively feel I have.

SparkPoints: (55,782)
Fitness Minutes: (27,928)
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7/3/13 8:04 A

By the number on the scale, the way my clothes fit, how firm my muscles feel, and by my energy level and endurance.

Posts: 5,201
7/3/13 7:35 A

by how my clothes fit

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Posts: 2,932
7/3/13 7:29 A

Endurance on the long runs and bike rides....often hopping off a bike and then running 5K....jelly legs go away.

SparkPoints: (60,489)
Fitness Minutes: (53,953)
Posts: 2,602
7/2/13 11:09 P

Energy level

Posts: 6,081
7/2/13 11:07 P

by how my clothes many muscles I can see in the clean I eat.

Posts: 2,293
7/2/13 4:49 P

There's sort of two things going on in this thread -

How do you measure success, and
How do you reward it.

For "measuring" success, I stick to the imperfect but somewhat objective Good Ole Scale, in combination with "how my clothes fit" and "how fast and far I can walk without dying."

For rewarding it, I buy token jewelry. I bought a chain at 10 pounds lost, and purchase one detachable pendent to go with it, every additional 10. Which reminds me - whee! I get to buy a new pendant this week! Eventually I will have all this "bling" as a record, reminding me just how many 10-pound-units I deleted from my body.

Posts: 698
7/2/13 4:25 P

If I'm smiling as I fall asleep, then it was a successful day. To me, everything else is just data.

Posts: 289
7/2/13 3:28 P

Energy level

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Fitness Minutes: (60,630)
Posts: 1,468
7/2/13 3:10 P

By how my clothes fit.

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Fitness Minutes: (9,975)
Posts: 378
7/2/13 2:50 P

In addition to the scale, I go by how my clothes fit and how much stronger and more fit I am getting. I did so much better on my weeklong hiking trip this year than I did on one last year. I didn't have to stop as much on the hills and I kept up a much better pace. It helps that I was 10 pounds lighter, but I worked really hard to increase my stamina.

Posts: 13,223
7/2/13 1:45 P

I have recently set up a quarter jar. it sounds similar to your coloring sheet. I "earn" quarters for healthy behaviors, such as exercising, eating within my range, logging my food, even things like making my bed and putting on make up. I'm also flexible and if I do something that normal is hard for me (like resisting the pizza the kids bring home) I reward myself.

SparkPoints: (12,113)
Fitness Minutes: (3,868)
Posts: 434
7/2/13 1:28 P

I measure progress by how I feel. I can feel my body changing. I can feel myself getting stronger and more fit. When I started SP in April I couldn't walk around the park with out being out of breath, now I walk 2.5 miles and I am starting to jog. To me that is great progress. I am also making better food choices and my love life is more active emoticon , there are many ways to measure progress, the scale is just one of them.

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Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 9
7/2/13 11:43 A

I started a coloring page, and everytime I do a 30 minute workout I can fill in a spot. When the page is full, then I get $50 to spend on something. Cheesy, but it works for me!

I used to just measure and weigh myself but it made me discouraged.. haha so now I am trying to look for different ways to measure and get my mind off of just pounds lost!

what do you do?

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