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GEMINIRAZRBLADE SparkPoints: (6,167)
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Posts: 227
5/12/09 3:40 P

I"m an ice cream addict. I'll take out my half cup measuring cup and cram as much ice cream in it as I can get without it going over the top. I keep pushing it down to get it as packed as possible.

5/12/09 3:27 P

I take a knife and slice the ice cream according to how many servings it contains.

CLRICHM SparkPoints: (55,338)
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Posts: 924
5/12/09 3:10 P

So long as the label on the container has both volume and weight listed (and most do!), I go by weight. Always more accurate.

KIMMER16 Posts: 71
5/12/09 1:57 P

Usually on the side of the carton it will tell you the calories for 1 serving which is 1/2 cup or a certain number of grams. For the ice cream I eat, a half cup is equivalent to 71 grams. I place my dish on the scale, tare it, then add the ice cream until it reaches 71 grams.

KLEVERKIRA Posts: 1,099
5/12/09 1:01 P

Usually the serving is a 1/2 cup, so I do it by a measuring cup.

PAINTS5555 Posts: 6,346
5/12/09 12:41 P

Ice cream should be measured by volume, not weight. The serving size listed on the NF panel will be in fluid oz (a volume measurement) as ice cream has air whipped into it when it is manufactured - called overrun. If it didn't, it would be hard and icy and not very good. Different types of ice cream have different amounts of overrun in it so a 1/2 cup will not always weigh the same on a scale. More premium brands will have less air and will weigh more per cup (and have more calories!).

If the NF panel says "4 fl oz" and you weigh 4 oz on the scale, you are actually eating a lot more than 1 serving.

CRICKETRO Posts: 28,971
5/12/09 11:20 A

Depends. I small scoop is exactly 1/2 cup (at the place where i get ice cream from) but when i get packaged one I usually get the 76 g (so that's abt 3 oz) ice cream and use that info.

COOKIEJIM Posts: 851
5/12/09 10:53 A

I measure my ice cream by looking at my a good day.

KIPRUSS3 Posts: 1,473
5/12/09 10:29 A

For me it depends on if it's a "once in a great while" thing, or a regular thing. If it's a treat I had just cause some friends were celebrating, and I do it less than a month, I guess or go by "size" (cup, 1/2 cup, scoop).

But if it's something I eat more than once a month, I take a standard size (like one scoop), weight it, and compare that with the packaging. Then I try to stay with the same brand/flavor so I don't have to recalculate.

And personally, I don't trust the sparks "generic" list *if* i can get my hands on that particular company's nutrition guide for that specific food.

GREENT Posts: 781
5/12/09 10:28 A

I always weigh food. Before I had a food scale I measured. When I bought the food scale I realized how inaccurate I was when I used measuring cups & tbsp.

JWALLD Posts: 514
5/12/09 10:16 A

I measure it by the cup. That's what the serving size goes by on the side.

BRAVE_NEW_ME Posts: 4,252
5/12/09 2:54 A

If you have a food scale, weighing it is both more accurate AND easier. =D

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
5/12/09 1:23 A

the lifestyle company I use (not ww's) puts on their containers the exact amount and what I use of my milk portions and extra stuff..
however, I am greedy so make my own icecream from yogurt. I can measure 200 grams of yogurt accurately on my scales and 1 fruit plus perhaps a tsp of unsweetned cocoa powder and a few drops of sweetner to take the sharp taste better than all the stuff in purchased stuff.
I can use a small percentage of my extras making the ice cream and have enough left to have tomato sauce with my dinner or jam to my cheese and bread..
The more processed our food is the more complicated the maths is, so I keep it real so I can keep account of what I eat..
Homemake yogurt icecream freezes rock solid and on a hot day, nipping to it is pure gold.. The shop stuff has additives to make it creamy, taste better then good and is inhaled under point zero!

RACHEL630 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/11/09 11:14 P

You should look at the serving size on your box. If it's measured in ounces, then you should probably try to measure it that way.

KALORIE-KILLAH SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (19,921)
Posts: 5,261
5/11/09 10:45 P

Measuring anything by weight/mass is always better because it's more accurate. I could probably pack a cup of ice cream and it'd weigh more than a 1-cup scoop of ice cream.

MALISA3 SparkPoints: (42,461)
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5/11/09 9:23 P

i use my ice cream scoop. One rounded scoop is about a 1/2 c.

JENNYBRN Posts: 80
5/11/09 9:04 P

Do you measure ice cream by volume, like in a 1/2 cup measuring cup, or by weight, as in 4 ounces?

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