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2/21/13 4:42 P


Go to your sparkpage. Choose "Edit my sparkpage" - at the top of the screen, all the things you can edit will appear - look at the list of options on the right hand side, and tick off the box "share my food tracker"

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2/21/13 4:36 P

Ah... I see! Now I have to figure out how to share and/or unshare trackers myself. Thanks!

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2/21/13 3:03 P

You generally have to go to their sparkpage. You will only see their shared nutrition and fitness trackers button (on the right side, where the add as sparkfriend button is) if they have elected to share it.

Click on the "My Sparkpage" button on my post, and you can see mine for an example.

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2/21/13 2:57 P

Can someone tell me how to review trackers of other Spark members?

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