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10/3/11 2:26 P

As others said, slow and steady weight loss is the healthiest. For exercise set up a routine that you will expect to do for a lifetime. Sure, you will have days/weeks where you aren't as diligent, but it's better to not burn yourself out early by overdoing it.

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10/3/11 2:07 P

You're welcome to it. :)

Of course, like all good maxims, it has its limits. You can't go skipping meals. That's not the healthiest way to drop 300 cals from your diet.

Deb, in New Zealand
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10/3/11 9:33 A

Unident--that line about it only takes a second to 'not eat' 300 calories is brilliant. I'm stealing it!


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SCTK519 Posts: 2,085
10/2/11 9:05 P

I don't think you will know when you plateau; I don't see how your cousin can tell based on your workout. What I would say is that trying to lose weight quickly isn't a good idea; you're more likely to gain it back and if you can't maintain your workouts're better off trying to lose it in a healthy fashion, 1-2 lbs/week is considered a healthy loss.

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10/2/11 8:48 P

Thanks for all the info. The article did help alot. The example of eating 300 calories takes a few mins to eat but alot of time to burn makes all the since in the world. Thanks for ALL the helpful info

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 14,845
10/2/11 7:13 A

Try the Plateau Busters series of articles at


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UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
10/2/11 3:58 A

Plateaus aren't definite and there's no definite path to make one happen. So relax a little.

But seriously, relax a LOT.

How much weight do you even have to lose? Losing fast isn't recommended, especially if there's not a lot to go. And if you do need to lose more quickly for some reason, the answer is WAY more in food than in exercise! Think about it - it takes no time at all to "not eat" 300 calories, but half an hour in the gym to burn it.

Aiming for about a pound a week is probably sensible and safe for most people. If you're aiming much higher than that you might not so much "plateau" as find a spot where your body rebels against losing and stops losing. That isn't a plateau to bust through - that means you're trying too hard and need to stop fixating on weight and time.

Deb, in New Zealand
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10/2/11 3:04 A

I recently just began exercising. I have been trying to drop a bunch of weight quickly so my usual day consist of 30 mins on the bike at level 10 resistance. 30 mins on the eliptical at level 15 resistance. I live downtown Chicago so I find a building and usually walk up 34 flights of stairs and take a exercise class like zumba, bellydancing, or circuit training. My cousin told me I will plateau soon if I don't cut back on my workouts. I am afraid to stop because I will not continue to loose as quickly. How do I know exactly when I am going to plateau? What do I do once I do plateau?

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