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Thank you for the help.

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11/7/12 2:38 P

Short of making it and measuring it out as the other poster said, you can at least estimate portion size before making it by seeing how much liquid is used to make the soup. If you use 8 cups of chicken broth then that is a pretty good idea of how much soup it makes... then do math based on how many servings the recipe says. I know when I write up a recipe I may not always know how many servings it made or how large they were but I do this to get a general idea.

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The only way to know with something like soup, is to measure the entire amount of the soup, and then divide that by 12. So if it makes, say, 6 cups of soup, then a serving would be a half cup.

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When a soup recipe indicates it makes 12 servings and each serving is 139 calories how do you determine what makes a serving (1Cup, 2 Cups) ?

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