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How do you keep your back straight?

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Posts: 776
4/8/13 11:37 P

I know i definitely need to work on my core (probably non-existent muscles there right now just about)
I did have a personal trainer last year and I could do it with his help but as soon as he stopped helping on an individual exercise so did my back. It had helped him resting his hand on my back and letting me know when it was or wasn't straight

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4/8/13 11:51 A

some cues:
- fold from the hips, I tell my clients it's like a stapler with the crease in the middle.
- sit your butt on the ceiling
- "sweat catcher" scoop in the lower back
- chest out, shoulders back, chin up

Posts: 698
4/8/13 11:20 A

I agree that you need to work on core strength. However, make sure you move well beyond just crunches. You also want to do moves that hit your back and obliques.

Also, it does take practice to make the mind-body connection. Concentrate on straightening that curve, even if it seems exaggerated in the opposite direction at first. Soon, it will become a more natural movement pattern.

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4/8/13 10:56 A

Can you hook up with a personal trainer for a session to check your form? If you're having trouble with your back, I'm willing to bet there are other parts of your form that aren't where they should be.

A lot of back posture is about core strength; I couldn't keep mine straight either until I got the core strength to support it all properly.

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Posts: 7,159
4/8/13 10:25 A

My son and I use a soft form posture support which is a elastic corset like device that helps you remind to straighten up..
While doing exercises is great, some of us do have more problems and forget to keep sitting up straight. I would put up a link to a photo but am sick and tired of complainers moaning we are pumping product names..

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Posts: 1,977
4/8/13 10:20 A

Clench your abs, chest out, keep your shoulders down and back, and look straight ahead.

Posts: 776
4/8/13 7:21 A

A number of the videos i've been watching tell you to keep your back straight with knees bent and leaning over to do certain moves (eg. Nicole doing resistance training) - my back seems to curve every time and doesn't want to stay straight. Any suggestions that might help?

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