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5/26/11 7:59 P

Eat a sensible dinner. emoticon

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5/26/11 7:42 P

I normally don't however,I do have a bottle of water which I keep next to the bed! emoticon

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5/26/11 5:21 P

I eat about half my calories for the day with dinner. When I wake up I go for a brief light walk with a bottle of water to give by body time to wake up and adjust. When I get back I'm hungry, but not feeling that "starving" feeling and am able to eat a sensible breakfast.

5BLUEBIRDS Posts: 106
5/26/11 3:55 P

Hi! I am no doctor, nurse, nutritionist or dietician. However, I am a mom who has studied nutrition and diet for over 30 years. If you are waking up during the night, hungry, there are few things you can check: 1) have a protein snack or a snack like oatmeal with fruit at night before bed. Try to keep the sugar content low. The fiber in the oatmeal or rice helps keep the stomach full through the night. This follows the same concept of when we feed our babies oatmeal/rice at night to help satisfy them through the night. 2) sometimes during PMS (week before and during) our bodies can cry out for a slight increase in calories because of the extra work it is doing to prepare our bodies for this monthly time, and if you are going through menopause the fluctuating hormone levels can also cause our bodies to feel hungry. 3) are you really exercising efficiently and hard, this will aid you in sleeping well through the night. 4) try keeping a glass of water beside your bed. When you wake through the night drink half the glass and wait about 20 minutes. Usually, I fall back asleep before 20 min. is up. However, for me, I have found that my water intake had been low a day or two before. Sometimes our bodies feel hungry when actually they are dehydrated, water may not appeal to us as much as food so it seeks water from the food we eat. 5) my mom swears by drinking as little as 4 oz. of 'warm' milk before bed has helps her sleep like a baby through the night. In my research, there is an ingredient in the milk that acts as a mild calming agent, aiding sleep.
Good luck.
Try these things and see if it is of some help. They have helped me through the years.

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TREEHU99ER Posts: 2
5/26/11 1:19 P

I actually like waking up hungry in the morning - it's a sign that I've eaten on track and am ready for my next meal. Going to bed hungry or waking up in the middle of the night hungry, though, can be very uncomfortable. In those cases, I might drink a glass of milk to satisfy the stomach and go to sleep...

@Cassiopeia - love the Mary Oliver quote! Her poetry is amazing...

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5/26/11 9:34 A

you should be hungry when you wake up. You haven't eaten in 8 hours. Breakfast is very important to eat to keep your metabilism working

25OPTIMIZE Posts: 18,109
5/20/11 9:11 A

If you haven't eaten in 8-12 hours, it isn't surprising to wake up hungry. I wake up hungry nearly every day, and am surprised by people who say they can't eat breakfast til 10:00 or so. I've always been a person who can eat upon rising.

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5/20/11 6:37 A

How do you keep from waking up hungry?

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