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PHANTY1 Posts: 206
9/23/10 11:38 A need to screen yourself for depression and if you are depressed, get help. There are many on-line tools for screening. t's nothing to be embarrassed about. There are millions of people who struggle with depression, including me. Medication is good (watch the duration though...I was on too long and I think it started to make me MORE depressed); exercise; try to write positive thoughts down for every negative one (journaling); keep lists of things to do and do them; & get support via counseling if necessary. Don't give up.

9/15/10 4:34 P

Well, I suffer from depression and take medication which helps a lot.

However, when I get the blah's all I want to do is lay around and wallow. I try and keep myself busy with anything. I shop for groceries, tidy up the house, clean out my emails, etc. I find just the mental distraction can help a lot.

And I keep a little list of what I've done so then I feel better at the end of the day and look at it.

9/15/10 12:31 P

great article-thanks!printing it for future reference.I find forcing myself to get out and around other people helps the blahs.I may not want to go initially,in fact I tend to isolate when im feeling the blahs,but once I get out and about I feel better.

MARYLQ11 Posts: 2,719
8/11/10 12:50 P

I go for a walk or shopping.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,144
8/11/10 8:09 A

Read the book "The Power of NOW" by Eckhart Tolle. He makes you realize how wonderful it is to be alive and how remote it was that we ever got to live. He has great clips on YouTube.

PETAL65 Posts: 329
8/11/10 4:05 A

Thanks for the was excellent!

PATTYKLAVER Posts: 142,290
8/10/10 9:25 P

Thanks for the article. I especially liked the part about eating the dark chocolate....

8/10/10 6:53 P

Sorry that you have the blahs! I seem to be having the blahs too! I didn't sleep too well last night and kinda felt really sluggish today. Have you been getting enough rest? I hear eating mood enhancing foods can help. Here is an article I read about it a while ago.

Hope you start to feel better. Here is a virtual hug! Maybe it will make us both feel better! emoticon emoticon

PATTYKLAVER Posts: 142,290
8/10/10 11:03 A

Okay, I exercised and went for two walks. I've got an appointment with the counselor. But I've had the blahs since Friday and can't seem to get rid of them. Any ideas?

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