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How do you get rid of holiday goodies?

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Posts: 226
12/31/12 12:50 P

I just threw all our leftover cookies in the freezer. I figure we can pick at them there instead of feeling the need to eat them all at once.

Posts: 568
12/31/12 11:18 A

There are always so many get togethers during the holiday seasons. I simply take them all there and hope other people will eat them so I don't!

Posts: 5,790
12/31/12 10:55 A

Never really had any to begin with, so.....moot point! emoticon

Posts: 21
12/31/12 10:53 A

take 'em to work ... gone in a flash !!

Posts: 488
12/31/12 10:51 A

Unfortunately, I eat most of them.

Posts: 5,279
12/31/12 10:48 A

throw 'em in the trash.

Posts: 284
12/31/12 10:45 A

gave them to friends and relatives or threw them away

SparkPoints: (107,673)
Fitness Minutes: (11,796)
Posts: 5,855
12/31/12 10:41 A

I had better throw them away or I will eat them all. DRAT!!

Posts: 6,661
12/31/12 10:39 A

take them to work.

Posts: 7,481
12/31/12 10:20 A

Donate them to your local food pantry

Posts: 1,017
12/31/12 10:18 A

I take them to work & they get eaten up.

SparkPoints: (57,502)
Fitness Minutes: (40,923)
Posts: 1,892
12/31/12 10:15 A

I throw them in the trash.

SparkPoints: (85,185)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 12,112
12/31/12 10:07 A

I threw some cookies and candy over the back fence yesterday morning to get rid if them.

SparkPoints: (219,520)
Fitness Minutes: (195,880)
Posts: 6,856
12/31/12 12:34 A

I give them away.

SparkPoints: (31,051)
Fitness Minutes: (18,571)
Posts: 9,111
12/30/12 8:56 P

Today, I tossed some cookies. There were about a dozen odds and ends, and no one was eating them. And I didn't want to be tempted! So, toss! I don't return to work until Wednesday, so I didn't want to tempt myself until then. Usually, I don't throw out food -- but today I felt really tempted -- so, tossed 'em.

SparkPoints: (32,915)
Fitness Minutes: (59,816)
Posts: 1,119
12/30/12 8:47 P

I usually go the route of taking them to work and just putting them on the table in the lunch room. I know that you don't want to overload people with sugar but those who don't want any, don't have to take any. Also, there are more people to share so that one person (you) are not eating all of it. If 50 or so people all grab one or two pieces, its not that bad.

SparkPoints: (25,713)
Fitness Minutes: (155)
Posts: 469
12/30/12 12:25 A

Everything with moderation. We try to do healthy for Christmas with veggie trays. We did sausage balls and we did salami rolls and they were limited. As for the Christmas cookies we can them and leave them out, but we also freeze them for later like in January when guests or playing cards. We give cookies out before Christmas.

Also it helps to limit what you make. Also what I do is this I am allergic to nuts so I stay away from the cookies that have them. My daughter made chocolate chip put a piece of bread in the tin and they stay soft. I eat one occassionally, not all day or more than one. Out of sight.out of mind. Balance is the key. My neighbor is diabetic like me but she does all her baking diabetically. I have family that isn't so we don't. Everything is moderation you have to pick your battles. I am not one to eat for boredom or emotionally. So I don't know. I keep a supply of carrot sticks, celery and my favorite is lettuce slices and frozen grapes around. So I don't really miss the goodies.

If they have cheetos or something I only take half of the serving size. I don't know I don't over induldge because I know that it's going to be harder to lose. That is something I consciously think about before I put the food in my mouth.

I don't have the guilt that some do because of that. My guilt comes only occassionally if I am taking to a buffet and they have fried chicken, or lots then I over induldge and have the moment where I say I have eaten too much. But I seldom get to go to buffets so once in a blue moon isn't going to kill me. Plus I keep everything else in portion size with the salad and fruit as the desert. I don't do dressings and such.

As for the main question you can store it away. You can give it away. You can not buy it in the first place. You can give it to a local food pantry or homeless shelter. Take it to church on Sunday and set out a cookie or goodie tray it will be snapped up by those that drink coffee before and after church.

You can make up plates an take them to a nursing home. Thank people with the goodies. There is lots of creative ways.. I f you are fearful you might eat it all do it quickly.

Posts: 353
12/29/12 11:43 P

I give it to my kids...they are twigs and super can handle the goodies!

Posts: 1,003
12/29/12 11:16 P

Take them to work and also throw them out

Posts: 608
12/29/12 11:11 P

took them to work

SparkPoints: (170,733)
Fitness Minutes: (90,628)
Posts: 6,044
12/29/12 10:57 P

took them to a family gathering

SparkPoints: (200,130)
Fitness Minutes: (170,824)
Posts: 18,692
12/29/12 10:35 P

give them to people that don't have a weight problem.

SparkPoints: (278,111)
Fitness Minutes: (123,177)
Posts: 16,646
12/29/12 10:00 P

I gave most of them away.

SparkPoints: (82,940)
Fitness Minutes: (63,240)
Posts: 3,872
12/29/12 9:22 P

We don't have many, because I didn't bake hardly anything. But we have been eating some of it every day, meant to last through New Year's Day, and be done with it all for another year.
Not feeling guilty, too old to be made to feel guilty about what we eat, quite frankly :). Back on the bandwagon till next year.

Posts: 637
12/29/12 8:20 P

Gave some to family, sadly ate the rest.

Posts: 1,782
12/29/12 8:18 P

I send home with family, share with neighbors or send to my husband's firm.

I've also found that our crows like cookies, so will sometimes amuse myself feeding them :)

SparkPoints: (64,818)
Fitness Minutes: (46,126)
Posts: 2,806
12/29/12 7:58 P

Didn't have any in the house.

SparkPoints: (90,413)
Fitness Minutes: (60,587)
Posts: 19,323
12/29/12 7:32 P

Eat them is a good plan and send them home with family
know the eating answer was wrong but it was honest

SparkPoints: (14,583)
Fitness Minutes: (16,570)
Posts: 202
12/29/12 6:05 P

thats the wonderful thing of having 7 kids the eat most of it and when the elder ones leave the younger ones at home invite friends around

SparkPoints: (207,852)
Fitness Minutes: (213,379)
Posts: 3,775
12/29/12 5:47 P

Give some away to all our family, grandkids, guests to take home and, the rest that lingers, freeze for Easter goodies.

Edited by: J2740LOU at: 12/29/2012 (17:50)

Posts: 485
12/29/12 5:47 P

I'm eating more of them than I should...I know! I need to give them to our adult son that lives downstairs.

Posts: 31
12/29/12 5:42 P

This year was easy for me. I rented a cabin with my husband. Coming home, we didn't have very much room in the car. What was expendable? The countless desserts we had. They didn't even make it home! Wasteful, yes... but it needed done!

Posts: 825
12/29/12 5:07 P

I have been nibbling on the little that was there this year....i must say overall I was so much better..... at any party i chose maybe one or two little sweet bites. I only made a fruit cake and that is something that you don't or should I say that i don't eat alot of, yet festive...i did refuse to take anything home because i do know I am not good with it....meaning I would sadly likely eat it in too short of a time.
....even Christmas Day when it came to the sweet table buffet....I took 3 little items one a cookie, one a three bite size piece of a chocolate something and one other thing....i left more than 1/2 of everything on my plate....i just wanted to taste...if it was worth the calories i would have eaten it but it was just SoSo good...the waiter asked me if everything was all right :D....i had to smile as I felt good about refraining myself from eating something i would normally have finished even though it was just SoSo good. I do feel kind of bad about leaving it on my plate though as i know I am fortunate enough to have access to this food...i think i will think further next buffet about my taste tests and try to go for even smaller nibbles.

I will be happy year end if i am the same weight in December...i know that is not the perfect answer but staying the same this year as oppose to gaining 5lbs would be quite special and a step in the right direction.

little steps! emoticon

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SparkPoints: (33,404)
Fitness Minutes: (33,749)
Posts: 2,039
12/29/12 5:03 P

I gave a can of cookies from my daughter to my niece and her room-mate as they were leaving the party last night. Their young metabolism will handle the calories better than mine can. emoticon

Posts: 1,604
12/29/12 4:53 P

It depends on the item. Part of my problem with the goodies that people have given me is that I have no idea how to track them, so I have given quite a bit away and I have thrown some of it out.

Posts: 3,026
12/29/12 4:50 P

I give it to my kids and grandchildren

Posts: 2,036
12/29/12 4:45 P

I understand. This year I put small gift bags of my own homemade goodies together for neighbors. Not an overload, but a sampling bag and handed them out on Christmas Day with a card. They all seemed appreciative. Good thing, I am a fab baker too.

Now h got some homemade food items. We sampled a tiny bit, but unfortunately and fortunately I am a real good baker, so these did go straight to the trash. It is very hard for us to eat what others bake. Not that we don't appreciate it, but my cooking is just so much better.

What you don't want to do though is overload yourself with these goodies. Have a sampling if you need to and then find someway to get rid of the excess!

SparkPoints: (101,329)
Fitness Minutes: (76,820)
Posts: 2,953
12/29/12 4:18 P

We re distribute the wealth of goodies only keep a little for ourselves.....turns into something akin to a very large cookie swap type of deal.

SparkPoints: (138,866)
Fitness Minutes: (208,335)
Posts: 20,575
12/29/12 3:58 P

How about taking the goodies to a children's hospital and donating them to the kids ? I'm sure they would love the goodies. You could donate them to an elder care facility too or even your local food pantry.

While many people experienced "plenty" this year during the holiday, there were people who were not that fortunate. Which is why I like donating food or unused gifts.

SparkPoints: (74,921)
Fitness Minutes: (5,341)
Posts: 9,615
12/29/12 3:51 P

Yes...there's a box of Harry & David chocolate truffles (best ever) tempting me...I've been letting the kids have some and dh (who isn't supposed to) but maybe one a day to eat won't be a problem. emoticon

SparkPoints: (150,398)
Fitness Minutes: (135,035)
Posts: 3,948
12/29/12 3:21 P

I don't buy ANY and I don't bring them in the house. They're not goodies to me - they're badies..
But I can't bring myself to throw away ANYTHING that I paid for or would cost money. I've been too hungry way too much.

Edited by: MI-ELLKAYBEE at: 12/29/2012 (15:23)

SparkPoints: (194,046)
Fitness Minutes: (74,017)
Posts: 7,815
12/29/12 2:22 P

make new platters & give them away..

Posts: 5,337
12/29/12 2:22 P

If they are unhealthy, I toss them in the garbage.

SparkPoints: (93,801)
Fitness Minutes: (107,902)
Posts: 2,974
12/29/12 1:44 P

I eat them.

SparkPoints: (19,785)
Fitness Minutes: (37,083)
Posts: 376
12/29/12 1:10 P


Posts: 5,843
12/29/12 1:04 P

I only have a few cookies (baked by my daughter to give to friends and family). We are still giving them to those we haven't seen, I treat myself to one crunchy with breakfast a day and love having them here for people coming to visit. But there are really not a lot left. Someone also gave us a miniature panforte which we are eating very slowly (and tracking). She gave me some ferrero rocher chocolates and I love these (the dark ones) and will have one a night to treat myself for being well within my calorie range and exercising. If I had more I would take to the old age home and children's home around the corner from me as I love letting them know that people haven't forgotten about them

Posts: 4,970
12/29/12 12:56 P

I always found taking them to work and leaving in kitchen on table worked. They always get eaten.

SparkPoints: (7,952)
Fitness Minutes: (2,701)
Posts: 124
12/29/12 12:48 P

made sure everyone that came for Christmas took some home with them.... left over goodies isnt that big a deal in my house because i have house full of teenage boys :)

Posts: 2,409
12/29/12 12:24 P

I would give it away or trash it.

Posts: 4,487
12/29/12 12:21 P

During the holidays I have been given many food gifts of candies, cookies, deserts,and gift baskets. I simply cannot eat all of those foods. At first I gave a box of candy to a friend. Then another option I have used in the past was to take it to work and dump it on the staff table. However, it seems to me that giving lots of candy and cookies to people is not a healthy thing to do for them either. I have dumped cookies in the trash can.

I would appreciate any ideas from others. I do not like wasting food..but I do not want to load sugar on others.

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