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DANIELLE2013 Posts: 112
1/3/14 1:50 A

I know this approach doesn't work for everyone, but when I get off track with my eating habits I go back to a pretty restricted diet of no sugar and grains and if I make it through the first few days my cravings go away

JBMAR324 SparkPoints: (4,640)
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Posts: 3
1/2/14 9:31 P

I know what you mean I am really having a hard time getting back on track as I had a tumor removed and couldn't do anything for 6 weeks now I have to work back into things again. I do like some of your suggestions about reading articles maybe I will have to try that. I have also started a weighloss challenge to get everyone going so that should help too.

82719541 SparkPoints: (74,770)
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Posts: 144
1/2/14 6:55 P

I'm having a problem staying on track but this morning I had a doctor appointment and she was extremely happy with all my test results BP great, Pulse etc. She said whatever your doing keep it up. I guess just hearing it made me want to keep going. I still have about eight weeks before I can do much but I'm getting some exercise just not what I normally did. I tore my meniscus cutting the ditch with a push lawn mower so far my weight has stayed the same. Now I am really motivated, it silly but just that one sentence the doctor said could boost myr motivation.

SASSYRED3233 SparkPoints: (1,489)
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Posts: 19
1/2/14 5:26 P

I love that Julia1154! what a great way to think of it.
my trick is to just do 1 thing at a time to improve and do it even if you dont feel like it. Today is my day to get back on track after the New Year's plans. So today I have planned all the food I was going to eat and tonight I will put my gym clothes on so I am sure to go

JULIA1154 Posts: 1,783
1/2/14 5:17 P

There's a wealth of good advice here!

One approach I adopted early on was a mindset of 'well, I'm not happy NOT being on track' and if I'm on track I may or may not be happy but I won't be gaining weight, so I might as well be on track!'

I think that, deep down inside, we're all happier if we're taking good care of ourselves. So doing what you know to be healthier lifts a bit of pressure and eases our concerns. Why NOT be happier with yourself?

And yes, I, too, look at old photos. That's usually enough for me these days!

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
1/2/14 9:38 A

Just act as if you are starting over. One bad meal is nothing, just act like you are re-starting, and avoid continuing the cheat. In a week, you'll forget it even happened.

ALLFORONE2009 Posts: 286
1/2/14 9:35 A

I have gained back 36 pounds - WHAT! but I was motivator of the day! Yes - we all fight this fight and we all do it together. The best way to get back on track is to ask just that question. What are you going to do? It is different for each of us. For me it is to be here. Be present. Read the articles - plan the day. Listen to the battles of others and provide encouragement. For me it is about be conscious and having a plan. Executing that plan and remembering that I have already done this so I know I can. The activity now is to DO... welcome to 2014! Where the journey continues! :)

BAPSANN Posts: 1,448
1/2/14 8:34 A

I wish I could say that.

BAPSANN Posts: 1,448
1/2/14 8:31 A

I have to remind myself that I slipped, now keep doing the good stuff. It is my body that is important.

ANGELCITYGAL SparkPoints: (38,869)
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Posts: 1,724
1/1/14 5:15 P

Like many others, I get back to my foundational habit. That is the one thing that I have to do to keep my program going. If I stick to my foundation, everything else follows. If I let my foundation slip, everything else falls like a kid's tower of blocks. For me, that foundation is activity. If I'm injured or ill, I just do a 10 minute walk. You could do chair exercise, use an arm bicycle, move in the pool, or some other activity to accommodate physical limitations, if you can't walk. But exercise for me and many others is the foundation. As long as I'm active, it's pretty easy for me to also do the other behaviors that help with weight management (tracking food, planning meals, stocking the kitchen with healthy choices, skipping the unhealthy stuff, sleeping, drinking water, etc.). When I skip my workouts altogether, everything else starts to slide, too.

So... to get back on track, I get moving.

CURTIOSITY SparkPoints: (14,750)
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Posts: 386
1/1/14 5:08 P

thas rite

CKTALL Posts: 388
1/1/14 4:52 P

Just do it

With the next meal or workout or whatever

Just do it

CKTALL Posts: 388
1/1/14 4:52 P

Just do it

With the next meal or workout or whatever

Just do it

CURTIOSITY SparkPoints: (14,750)
Fitness Minutes: (8,070)
Posts: 386
1/1/14 12:56 P

Hmmm - We share a similar situation. Today I am going to do at least one of the chair exercise videos and try to walk outside some. One day at a a time. journaling really does help.

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MCCC75 SparkPoints: (25,022)
Fitness Minutes: (3,008)
Posts: 1,181
1/1/14 11:22 A

I have been where you are many times. What finally rang true to me in October was that I just couldn't keep on the road I was my highest weight ever and I was getting pretty depressed about it. I accidentally found Spark People while reading a magazine and made the decision to "JUST DO IT"....started to use the tools immediately and track my every bite and drink the water (though that is still a battle -- don't always get the 8 glasses but I am taking steps to reach that some day)...

After 2 1/2 months, I have lost 40 pounds and these tools have turned into habits for me. I still need to exercise more but I am making headway into this lifestyle. That is the real difference -- is a lifestyle change -- not a diet. I wish you the very best in 2014 --- you can do it! emoticon

VUKELK Posts: 623
1/1/14 11:12 A

Just do it....Journal everything!

STARMONICA SparkPoints: (215,135)
Fitness Minutes: (56,114)
Posts: 11,790
1/1/14 7:39 A

I keep on track

ALL4MYHEALTH SparkPoints: (332)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 15
12/31/13 4:20 P

My best advice is don't put yourself in a box. Don't tell yourself that "this food is good" and "this food is bad". Allow yourself to be a human being. Don't let food rule your life.

MLEHTO Posts: 734
12/31/13 3:53 P

I definitely understand where you are at. It is hard to get out of the I don't care mode. Sometimes the best I can do is to just do one healthy thing. That may be take a walk, it may be drink all my water, it may be eat a piece of fruit instead of a cookie. I just try not to overwhelm myself because that just compounds the I don't care mode.

82719541 SparkPoints: (74,770)
Fitness Minutes: (125,955)
Posts: 144
12/31/13 2:44 P

How do you get back on track or stay on track when you have an injury and you cannot do anything. I am used to walking at least 40 miles a week now I can get maybe 50 feet if I'm lucky. I'm at my goal weight and I actually making myself sick worrying about gaining weight back. I have to see the doctor again on Thursday but its not any better hopefully I will get some exercises or therapy now so I can get a little exercise. I know its going to take awhile but I worked so hard to get the weight off I don't won't to gain it back.

BULLRN58 Posts: 70
12/31/13 2:35 P

lock the liquor cabinet

SZERETLEK SparkPoints: (66,422)
Fitness Minutes: (27,973)
Posts: 421
12/31/13 9:08 A

I've got 2 new books on my Kindle that I'll read for inspiration: Thinner This Year, and Eat, Move, Sleep. Have gotten really off track this last few months--was hospitalized with pneumonia and have been using "I need to rebuild my strength" as an excuse ever since. The New Year is my symbol for a new beginning . . . and it seems SparkPeople agrees since they suddenly presented me with the New Member Welcome Guide after I've been a member for years! emoticon emoticon emoticon

BAPSANN Posts: 1,448
12/31/13 8:49 A

I have to take it one day at a time.

KELLYFIT123 Posts: 1,312
12/31/13 8:44 A

Just make one good decision.


SUSANK16 Posts: 2,635
12/30/13 11:53 P

I have been struggling for about six months. Using Spark has helped me at least to keep the weight loss in mind. I have been successful in the last week or so by doing what I did when I first started Spark - making small changes. I have changed diet pop for water and now I am changing my sweet intact from sugar back to fruit. I also updated my goals and married them to some of my work projects. I come in to log that I have moved forward for work and track food changes. It has helped.

12/30/13 9:39 P

I wish there was a better answer then I have read below BUT, you guys are great. So many good ideas in the way you handle life and its little bumps. I have not been able to get back on as I have never made it long enough to be proud of myself. I have just restarted again after a few months off, My DH has many health problems and sometimes we get sidetracked with long hospital stays and lots of Dr. visits. But that only gives me excuses to not stick with any type of eating program. I am trying this time really hard. It is my 4 day for checking in and doing my tracking. The food program is NOT good but I am tracking everything which is going in my mouth. Even sent for the tracker and love it. I think I should wear it to bed as I toss and turn a lot when things aren't going well. But that cannot be an excuse, it should only motivate me more to get healthy so I can get around easier when I need to. Thanks for all the tips.

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,618
12/30/13 5:57 P

you just have to pick a day and get back on the horse

SCIFIFAN Posts: 1,119
12/30/13 1:37 P

I struggle with this at times. We are just back from a 19 day cruise, plus a week of Christmas, including several family meals, a birthday and our anniversary and guests in the house. I had been dieting (a version of the 5:2 diet) very successfully for two months but did not even attempt to diet on the cruise (though I did exercise and possibly eat a little less than on most cruises) and also did not diet during this week of family celebrations.

Today guests are gone, all excuses for big meals/parties (we don't do anything on New Year's Eve, normally) are gone so I am starting back to my eating plan again--as I planned.

For once I am actually looking forward to eating sensibly again. I gained about 5 lbs. during this almost month-long 'normal' eating period. I was feeling so good on the diet, and had lost weight so successfully, that I am eager to get back on track, for once, and look forward to continuing to lose weight.

The clue, for me, I think is that using my diet plan I was able to lose weight without much trauma, so different than the diets I have tried before--I don't dread getting back to good eating at all.

BABYSOX Posts: 3,063
12/30/13 12:02 P

Tracking my food on the nutrition tracker always helps me refocus and gets me back on track.

NICKYCRANE SparkPoints: (84,930)
Fitness Minutes: (45,342)
Posts: 1,317
12/30/13 11:59 A

I put on 3 kilos during a calorific month staying with hospitable friends in Germany and much enjoying local food. Have shed 1.5 in 2 months since I came back. Didn't always have access to scales, which didn't help. Have ordered portable scales to monitor what's happening in future! I'm still at or below original goal weight, but would like to shed another 2 kilos by Easter to get back to revised down goal weight. Trouble is, I get hungry! I'm trying to increase my exercise and burn at least 150 cals a day. I track cals in and out, even when I'm outside the guidelines. I find the weight maintenance challenges are a powerful motivator.
Spark Coach is very helpful with exercise problems.
Daily checkin at Losers Keepers has encouraging people who have become friends.

BABYGSMOM SparkPoints: (29,446)
Fitness Minutes: (59,769)
Posts: 156
12/30/13 11:27 A

I tell myself that it's ok to get off track as long as you work to get back on. So you over ate today. Didn't get in as much exercise and you should have. Tomorrow is another day. You can wake up in the morning and try again. It's never OVER!

DORINAKT Posts: 154
12/30/13 3:20 A

I'm just heavy training and hard dieting..this is my moody style

RAME123 Posts: 473
12/29/13 8:37 P

When you do get off track, try to jump back in as soon as possible. Try to make good food decisions at each meal.

PLANNING is what I have to do.

ROBBIEY SparkPoints: (388,440)
Fitness Minutes: (130,327)
Posts: 11,654
12/29/13 6:58 P

I don't panic, I just jump right back into healthy eating and exercising. I know a lot about this because I refocus often.

DIANAHALLOCK SparkPoints: (32,137)
Fitness Minutes: (21,534)
Posts: 1,248
12/29/13 6:20 P

Call my sister and SP buddy! We motivate each other.

LAURIEANDBLUE2K SparkPoints: (53,732)
Fitness Minutes: (138,741)
Posts: 228
12/29/13 5:58 P

I look back at old pictures of myself before I lost 39 pounds. That does it for me.

DELLA81156 Posts: 201
12/29/13 5:49 P

climb back on horse,,,,,,,,,,just start over or as I like to say keep going where I left off

WANABHOT2 Posts: 136
12/29/13 5:12 P

Water...and reminding myself that a day or 2 does not define my life!

NJC8985 Posts: 1,723
12/29/13 5:12 P

I've been there. One thing I do when I know that I have fallen back a little bit, is remembering that one day slip is not what's making me unhealthy. And one good day working out is not going to make me fit. Remembering that this lifestyle and life really, is a one day at a time thing is what motivates me.

I think the other thing that I have found helpful is looking back on your accomplishments. Write them down, have momentos of all the great things you have accomplished and keep this in mind when you are having your bad day.

Do you have a support system to lean on when those days get tough? I find if I have people that can help me be accountable then I know I will do a better job at reaching my goals. The reality is this, we can keep falling back on the basics, our "go-tos," but we know that in this life those "go-tos" don't really work for us. So we have to fall back on other go-tos, ones that are positive and ones that are not going to continue to send us backsliding.

Hope it helps! Good luck!

HELP4ME2 Posts: 492
12/29/13 4:34 P

Thank you for the encouragement. I have been fallen behind so bad, but a couple of says ago started tracking food again. I am going to try walking before work tomorrow.

12/29/13 4:20 P

Sometimes you need to allow yourself to let go of your mistakes and start fresh with no guilt. I often have trouble getting back on track because I know I will have to face up to the poor choices I have already made. If you can start back with basics (tracking, 10 minutes daily exercise, sleep and water, stretching) and forget about yesterday, you will have success tomorrow.

HHUGHES71 SparkPoints: (104,324)
Fitness Minutes: (51,729)
Posts: 5,100
12/29/13 4:13 P

Make the conscience effort. I allowed myself to get off track this week and my body has totally rebelled. It's easy to get back on track when your whole body rejects a few off plan meals.

MARYLIZ54120 Posts: 370
12/29/13 1:37 P

First time in years that I haven't gotten off track. Feels great. Shows what good nutritional cleansing can do for you.

ACACIA21 SparkPoints: (83,281)
Fitness Minutes: (21,255)
Posts: 2,207
12/29/13 12:21 P

start walking...

MAKING_CHANGES_ SparkPoints: (9,129)
Fitness Minutes: (7,337)
Posts: 41
12/29/13 11:47 A

Hi. I've been off the site for a while, but am coming back to it because I know tracking works. For me getting back on track means getting the crap food out of the house. I also need to stock the fridge and pantry with good food. And I always have homemade soup in the fridge. I make a big pot and put it into cannaing jars and seal them right after I fill them with the piping hot soup. The soup lasts for over two weeks this way, and it is a good satisfying filler.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,210
12/29/13 11:23 A

option one is that you haven't found the motivation that actually gets you to do it. in other words, why you want to do this is something that you just don't care enough about to do, at least in this time and place. and that's okay. wanting something and wanting something enough to do something about it are quite different places and everyone gets to each in their own time. i don't know of anything you can do to get yourself there faster if that's the case.

option two is that you have an all or nothing mentality and that is hindering your efforts. in other words, you're doing it or you're not rather than comparing how you did today with how you did yesterday. when you're all or nothing, you tend to see yourself as failing and not reaching your goal tends to be pretty demotivating. where if you compare today with yesterday, you can see that you had three more servings of vegetables even if you did go a little over on your calories. if you can find small and positive success somewhere in there, it can encourage you to do better still tomorrow.

a second part of that is that you might not be planning well enough. you have what you choose to do when you don't care and you likely have this perfect ideal week where you cook everything from scratch and work out an hour a day. and you can do the latter for a bit, but then you fall back to your default option when something happens. and back to the all or nothing bit it seems like if you can't do it all then why bother even starting. so you need to plan to be shorter on time: to have frozen ravioli, jarred sauce and frozen spinach that you can heat and eat in under 5 minutes; to have a list of readymade things from the grocery store that can be dinner; to have a ten minute workout you can do at your desk; to have things like toe lifts on your brain for when you are cooking dinner or riding in an elevator or folding laundry. so if you go for a ten minute walk today, you don't assess it as a failure because it wasn't an hour long workout, but you celebrate it because it's more than you did yesterday. if you made frozen pizza and one of those boxed green giant vegetables for dinner, don't count it not being miso glazed salmon with kale against it. call it good that you watched your portions and had a veggie with your dinner. it's having a backup plan that while not perfectly on plan, is the right mix of close enough and easy enough. everytime something knocks you off your plan, you need to write it down on a list of things to plan around sot that when it happens again you have a solution that fits more in line with where you want to be. you're not always going to be exactly where you want to be, but if your plan includes backups and half measures then it will be a lot easier to stick with. what's that motivational quote... aim for the sun but if you don't make it you'll still be among the stars. think of your plan like that. any step in the right direction counts. you might not end up exactly where you wanted to be, but it's a lot better than doing nothing at all.

JAWATKINS SparkPoints: (87,389)
Fitness Minutes: (63,663)
Posts: 3,020
12/29/13 11:16 A

I try to just tell myself "Start Over". No matter what time it is or what "bad" thing I've done, I can start over right now. Some days, I feel like I'm starting over 15 times in a day! But that's ok! God's mercies are new each morning! He will meet us right where we are & help us if we ask Him! Forget about the past & move on from right where you are!


MFLEESAK SparkPoints: (119,214)
Fitness Minutes: (52,037)
Posts: 8,047
12/29/13 10:38 A

I think it has to do with motivation and I struggle with that as well. In the end I think that you just have to be like that Nike ad that says "Just do it". You don't have to feel like it you just have to do it. Habits once formed can be very helpful.

KRAFTYKRAFT SparkPoints: (95,137)
Fitness Minutes: (48,190)
Posts: 3,128
12/29/13 10:30 A

Online Now  • ))
today - I am doing my usual workout and since I am in charge of picking my food and preparing my meals, I can tweak everything to make it healthier. I will be going to bed early tonight too

12/29/13 10:25 A

How do you get back on track? Every time I get off track, I struggle for days sometimes weeks to get back on track. I've read all the articles on Spark and nothing seems to help me. When I'm in the I don't care mode, I have a hard time getting out of it. Any suggestions?

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