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2/2/14 3:16 P

I think it's always possible to squeeze more fruits and veggies in. I've never had a deficiency and I don't take vitamins. I put fruits and veg in everything though. I also eat both plant and animal protein, whole grains and dairy (all of it as unprocessed and fresh as I can find).

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2/2/14 3:00 P

Yep. Other than Vitamins A&C, and calcium, and Iron, most food manufacturers aren't required to list how much of a nutrient is in the food item, so they don't, since it would require testing, which costs money.

I have my doctor test me every three months to see if I have anything that i am low in, and despite being low in almost everything if I were to track here on SP, I am fine according to my doctor.

If you absolutely insist on counting everything, you will have to actually Google each and every food, and what nutrient you want, so you would hope you could find the nurtition in a carrot on one site, but may need to Google " Riboflavin in carrot ", " magnesium in carrot ". Then you have to save them to your favorites, and use them for everything you ate.

If you have 2-3 weeks to do some research, this is possible, but most people just eat as healthy as possible. While you may not be getting 100 % of the RDA in this vitamin, or nutrient, you probably were a lot lower in them when eating fast food, and sweets. The only difference is that now you are paying attention. You are healthier, and can continue to get healthier with diet. If you are really worried, ask doctor to do blood tests, and you may want to add a multi-vitamin, but I am not low in anything, even though I follow a very restrictive low carb diet, probably due to eating lots of vegetables.

If you are not low on any vitamins/nutrients, then why worry about multi-vitamins, or reaching a certain number on your trackers. It is a great thing that now you are interested in your health more, but it just isn't that hard to get enough vitamins. Simply replacing the junk you used to eat with 5-10 servings of vegetables will make a huge difference. Tracking that is much harder though, as many have found out, and given up on.

2/2/14 2:39 P

I wanted to share a few items.
The items in our database that are entered by members or are specific from a company---may not have the complete nutrition info listed because it is not on the food label and can't be added. Think of a carton of yogurt: it does not list potassium, selenium, magnesium, etc.

However the entries in our database that come from the USDA food base are accurate and complete. So use these whenever possible.

So you may be getting more of some nutrients than is reflected in your report.

Also---do you take a vitamin-mineral supplement? Do you record this? this would add to your intake?

Most of the vitamins and minerals are listed as a percentage: like 100-150%. But in reality, if you are at 80% or above you are meeting needs for a healthy adult. There is a padding added to these general numbers which come from government recommendations.

And finally....if there are certain areas that you want to improve and need food suggestions, let me know. I can help with "food lists"

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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2/2/14 12:10 A

I recommend at least 5 servings/day nutrient rich veggies, at least one serving being leafy greens to replace any items in your diet that aren't nutrient rich. Healthy fats are also important to absorb vitamins D, A, K, and E.

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2/1/14 6:51 P

Does it matter?

What is your biggest health concern right now? Meeting daily recommended amounts for as many minerals as possible, or monitoring calories and your bodyfat percentage and getting that down?

You could go insane trying to design a perfect diet that daily meets all of your requirements.

How far off are you and have you considered non-daily results? If you exceed your zinc today and exceed your potassium tomorrow, with insufficient of each on the other day, over those two days you've had enough. Is that good enough? It probably really doesn't have to be every single unique day meeting the RDI. Just on general, on average, over time.

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2/1/14 12:12 P

I have added a lot to my trackers, vitamins, zinc, iron, fiber, all the types of fats, etc...

What do you have to eat to meet them all? I mean wow! I eat fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meats, and all that type of stuff. Still, don't reach my categories minimums.

Anyone else have that problem?

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