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3/14/13 12:54 P

I've started over after illness three times already this year. I'm hoping I'm done with illness for 2013 now...but I have learned a few things.

Pushing it too hard just puts me back on the sick list. It doesn't matter how badly I WANT to work out. If my body isn't ready for it, it will definitely let me know. For me, since I work out at home, first thing in the mornings, it's very easy for me to just do a very very light cardio work out. I force myself to keep the treadclimber on the lowest settings, and only go for about 10 minutes. If I do ok with that, with no set backs during that day, then I gradually increase the duration and the intensity until I'm back up to my normal settings. Although 10 minutes at the lowest setting really isn't a workout for me any more, it's still better mentally than me just sitting on the sofa.

Just like when I'm sick, when I'm recovering naps are still a good thing. I have had this crazy idea that I had to "push through" an illness and get myself up and going full tilt again in the least amount of time. It didn't matter how tired I was, since I wasn't violently ill still, I was forcing myself to keep going the whole day and then dropping into bed at night utterly exhausted. This last time around I allowed myself to continue taking those little catnaps after work and whenever I needed it, and I found that the tired and achy feelings didn't last nearly as long, and I was ready to work out much sooner than the last time.

When I'm sick, I generally don't worry about what I'm eating. I'm sick and whiny and I definitely don't have the will power to make myself eat something (or not eat something) because "it's good for me". The hardest thing was stopping those eating habits when I was no longer ill. I actually focused on that more than I focused on exercising again this last time around. The previous time I'd been ill I gained weight, and that wasn't a good feeling, so getting my diet back under control was important. That being said, our bodies still need extra nutrition in the recovery stage of an illness, just as they do during the illness itself.

As for how I went about doing any of it...I did it the same way I started the whole journey in the first place - slowly and one baby step at a time. It didn't take long to get myself back into the swing of things.

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3/14/13 11:43 A

I am just getting over an ear infection. I feel like a week of my life vanished!

My plan is to ease my way back into my regular routine, starting tomorrow. I figure I could start today, but I want to make sure that I've healed completely. I refuse to feel guilt about my lack of activity.

Be kind to yourself.

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3/14/13 9:00 A


Start out slowly and don't try to rush into anything. Even though you may be feeling better, your body has been working hard at fighting off your illness. If you are still achy, you may want to give it a few more days or just do a little more activity during the day (not formal exercise) just becoming more active and see how it goes.

Remember your body needs calories and nutrients to recover and exercise, so you do not want to over-stress your body too soon or you may risk a relapse.

Take care and I wish you a SPEEDY SparkRecovery!

Coach Nancy

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3/14/13 7:56 A

Hi All,
I am just getting over the flu, having taken a good week out of my life and workout schedule!
I am still feeling weak and tired and sore, (might be the start of a fibro flair-up).

How do you get back into working out and healthy eating?

No, I did not loose any weight while I was ill, normal for me I never do. Probabilly because I eat carbs when I am sick. Being that I still hurt and am soo tired I am finding it hard to find the energy or motivation to go work out... any suggestions?

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