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7/15/10 3:03 P

I used to drink my coffee with non-dairy creamer...then I found Torani sugar free syrup.
YUMMY..they have several flavors...vanilla, raspberry(haven't tried that in coffee), hazelnut, chocolate and carmel. No more cream in my coffee. :)

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7/12/10 12:33 P

I love sugar free DaVinci syrups. My favorites are carmel and B52. That and a little sugar free creamer.

HONORINGGOD Posts: 2,077
7/11/10 10:34 P

sugar &cream

MONICAT SparkPoints: (3,580)
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7/11/10 9:07 P

My husband buys Gevalia flavored coffee and mixes it up so that every day is a treat. I don't add anything to this coffee. My favorite right now is raspberry danish... yum emoticon

-SHE-WOLF- Posts: 800
7/11/10 6:00 P

Well i'm proud to say that i have given up coffee emoticon

BRITOMART Posts: 8,107
7/11/10 5:38 P

I buy good coffee--and drink it plain!

BNMTOOTALL4 Posts: 1,171
7/11/10 4:42 P

Regular coffee with 3 sugar and 3 cream.

PEACED13 SparkPoints: (86,142)
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7/11/10 7:26 A

Sometimes with honey or with a flavored non dairy creamer or a sugar free peppermint stick.

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5/5/10 12:24 P

Skim milk

REDSOXFAN4803 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/4/10 10:56 A

tbs coffeemate

5/3/10 1:52 P

not so often, maybe once every couple weeks. My favorite is hazelnut with splenda and some hazelnut creamer. emoticon

LISSIE88 Posts: 635
5/3/10 1:13 P

Splenda and skim milk, or soy milk. Sometimes if I'm really wanting flavor, I add just a touch of a fat free or sugar free flavored coffee creamer after I've added my milk.

KAYE454 Posts: 3,470
5/3/10 3:41 A

black or almond milk

BLAZE2000 Posts: 1,015
5/2/10 11:25 P

black, nothing in it

MONIEE2 SparkPoints: (152,211)
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4/8/10 11:22 P

don't drink too much coffee anymore

SAL2525 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/8/10 8:55 P

I used to be addicted to Dunkin Donut coffee. I have stopped drinking it and now use a Keurig coffee maker and my most favorite coffee is French Vanilla. I add FF half and half and a sweet and low

SAL2525 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (25,004)
Posts: 2,252
4/8/10 8:54 P

I used to be addicted to Dunkin Donut coffee. I have stopped drinking it and now use a Keurig coffee maker and my most favorite coffee is French Vanilla. I add FF half and half and a sweet and low

SWEETNHOT Posts: 526
4/8/10 7:50 P


TRIGFROST SparkPoints: (0)
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4/8/10 5:53 P

plain milk

LALABUMBUM SparkPoints: (0)
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4/5/10 3:56 P

I add cinnamon, unsweetened cocoa, or the 40 cal vanilla almond milk, and stevia

TCLARK319 SparkPoints: (44,454)
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Posts: 1,814
4/5/10 5:43 A

I add cinnamon

JENSHAWN Posts: 2,033
4/2/10 6:29 P

milk and cocoa (w/little sugar) and ice in the blender

KATPET29 Posts: 94
4/1/10 10:08 A

splenda skim milk or FF coffee mate but only a little sometimes I use skim milk and just 1 table spoon of FF creamer to just add a little flavor!~

MAEB47 Posts: 133
4/1/10 2:35 A

Splenda and ff creamer

ABALOGH Posts: 30
3/28/10 11:11 A

I love coffeemate's fat free original or evaporated milk every now and again.

STARLIGHT615 SparkPoints: (82,501)
Fitness Minutes: (42,468)
Posts: 3,384
3/25/10 9:51 A

Sugar Free International Hazelnut Creamer!!

3/25/10 8:37 A

sometimes i put a cinnomen stick in my cofee along with half and half and splenda for a splurge...its like a macciatto!

3/25/10 2:12 A

i use brown sugar in it...

3/24/10 5:25 P

I use fat free milk and sweet-n-low. Sometimes I splurge though! It's something fun to save calories for a creamy White Chocolate Mocha with whipped cream.. mmm :)

HSB2003 Posts: 32
3/23/10 5:37 P

Shots of Sugar free Vanilla surup and a lil half and half.

BHOLTS1 Posts: 201
3/22/10 11:19 P

Black w/ splenda only

TRIGFROST SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (20,599)
Posts: 2,192
3/22/10 9:19 P

none...I drink Decafe w/ milk...

3/21/10 10:17 P

Not sure, I splurge on calories with my coffee.

SKINNYPAT62 Posts: 7,750
3/21/10 5:19 P

Lucern Fat Free French Vanilla liquid creamer. So good and only 25 calories for 1 Tbs. emoticon

EYEONGOAL Posts: 1,439
3/21/10 3:01 P

So many choices: 1) add cinnamon or vanilla to the grounds while brewing (no calories), 2) add 1/2 a packet of diet hotcocoa mix for a mocha (less than 50 calories), 3) add lowfat vanilla or chocolate soy milk (less than 35 calories), 4) add some regular milk and sugar (depending on how much, you can probably do this for under 60 calories).

MAGDAVIS4458 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (8,433)
Posts: 1,280
3/21/10 9:26 A

C. M. fat free emoticon

MYSTERY111 Posts: 16
3/21/10 6:57 A

I heard agave nectar is a very good sweetner. It now comes in flavors like irish crm, ande expresso. I just bought the plain, and it is just like honey.

TCLARK319 SparkPoints: (44,454)
Fitness Minutes: (21,814)
Posts: 1,814
3/21/10 6:35 A

A shake of cinnamon

SANDIELD Posts: 2,418
3/20/10 3:21 P

I use artificial sweetener and I like the Italian sweet creme creamer.

MYSTERY111 Posts: 16
3/19/10 1:02 P

I use half and half

3/19/10 12:03 P

I like a dash of a spice blend I have at home. It's ground cocoa powder with cayenne pepper.

NIKI778 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (22,873)
Posts: 1,630
3/19/10 10:58 A

My favorite is coffeemate sugar free vanilla caramel. The sugar free is hard to find, but less calories per TBS than the fat free. It has 15 cals per TBS, I put 3 TBS in my coffee every morning. I would like to slowly wean myself down to 1 TBS, but not sure if I can do it.

FERGSGIRL2 Posts: 7,629
3/18/10 2:26 P

walmart brand liquid creamer, french vanilla and splenda! yummy

LIZ-GS SparkPoints: (32,171)
Fitness Minutes: (11,623)
Posts: 556
3/17/10 10:57 P

I like coffee just about anyway I can get it (lol).
While I was in the Navy, I was told the Navy floats on coffee - I believe it.

For variety & a taste of New Orleans, I brew the coffee with Chichory & reduce the amount of coffee - unique taste, rich. Give it a try if you haven't explored it.

SMILESRME SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 1,026
3/16/10 10:50 P

It's the Coffeemate Hazelnut fat free for me. The sugar free has a much different flavor.

KSHELTON21 SparkPoints: (15,810)
Fitness Minutes: (7,171)
Posts: 627
3/16/10 4:44 P

Coffeemate French Vanilla creamer..NOT the fat free..the GOOD stuff. It's only 35 calories for a tbsp. and then I sprinkle some cinnamon. SO GOOD!! I only drink one cup and that's not every day so I allow myself to have it.

3/16/10 1:50 P


GAIL1000 Posts: 903
3/15/10 2:31 P

I have sugar free syrups (vanilla my favorite) that I sometimes use to flavor coffee and tea

NEWKID54 Posts: 645
3/15/10 1:36 P

I love anything chocolate or vanilla. I save the chocolate for a special, well earned treat. How about you all---any good ideas for flavoring your coffee emoticon emoticon

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