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How do you find time???

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12/10/12 8:31 P

Two words: lunch - hour.

I went to drinking my lunch, so that I could get a walk in, throughout the lunch hour. My coworkers didnt like that I no longer lunched at my desk, so I came in 15 minutes early and left 15 minutes late, and that was my compromise. :-)

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12/10/12 1:29 P

I'm also not a morning person, but if I don't work out in the am, I likely won't get it done because I like to chill out after dinner. So, I get up at 4:20. You don't have to do super long workouts. You can do a fairly intense 20-30 minute cardio workout 2 days a week, then do a good lifting routine 3 days a week. If you can't afford free weights, then I'd get some resistance bands (they're pretty cheap) and start doing a full body routine with those. You could probably compelte on in 30 minutes.

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12/10/12 12:04 P

I have found time for exercise in the evening at home using DVDs once the kids are in bed. The secret is that I had to give up TV in order to have time for exercise. If you trully want to exercise you will find the time. You may have to get up earlier, give up a committment, or do like I do and give up vegging in front of the TV at night. I record two shows each week and watch them on Saturday or Sunday morning so I am not so deprived.

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12/6/12 7:22 P

Making time to work out is the only way. My days are almost always packed. Having 4 kids ranging from 21 months to 14, that don't help out much. And a husband who works 7-10 hours a day. It's tough. But after the older 3 are off to school, I make myself get ready, regardless of how cold it is and take my toddler for a walk or jog. She loves seeing all the animals we walk by, and looking at the birds and what not (we live in the country). But I feel like crap and feel lazy when I don't get out. So I make it a point too no matter what I do, at least 4 times a week. Good luck. Only real time, is finding it or scheduling it.

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12/6/12 6:47 A

I'm a single, working mom so the how do you find time really resonates with me. Before the holiday season, I would work out during my lunch or before I went to get my daughter on the days I worked from home, but now my work out is getting the house ready for the holidays. I do squats as I take the clothes out of the washer and put them in the driver and squats as I pick up the dirty clothes from the floor to put in the washer. I like to put the music on so I can dance as I wash dishes, etc. Putting up decorations was a lot of up and down and there are bags to sort and organize so wrapping presents will be easier. I'm trying to think of a way to get exercise in as I do the Christmas cards...probably why they are sitting instead of getting done, but I'm thinking dance breaks. LOL

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12/5/12 4:53 P

If you don't work 5 days a week, try finding a fitness class that allows you to bring your baby with you.

Or try trading off with your partner at night where you each take turns getting a workout in while the other one does the bedtime routine and cleans up dinner. Or agree to workout together in the evenings once your child is in bed and do something active as a family on the weekends.

Or try working out on your lunch break at work. Even just going for a walk with a coworker can help you de-stress and sneak in some exercise.

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12/5/12 2:36 P

Being a full time working professional, married, and mom of 2 young children, I've got my hands more than full. I love to sleep. On weekends when I can, one can find me under the covers snoozing. So how do I find the time? I go to the gym at 5 am MWF. Means waking up at 4 am to get all the lunches in their respective bags, dressing one of my kids for school and styling her hair (then she goes back to bed till daddy wakes her up) and chug my coffee. I work out, shower/change there, and head to the train stop and am at work by 7:30 am. After work it's all about my kids and family time till 9 at night.

I am not a morning person at all, but 5 am is the ONLY time that works for me. I do not like the idea of showering at a gym but I've no choice. THis is what works for me. Believe me, there are a lot of people who work out that early, even 4 am. You have to make it a priority to exercise, and once you make it a priority, you WILL do it. Now that I'm used to getting up, I find that workout time is my "me" time and I look forward to it. It sets the tone for my energy and rightful eating the rest of the day. I take a day off in between so I don't overtire myself.

When I am too lazy to go to the gym, I pop in a workout DVD. You are lucky you can work out at home with your elliptical. Who cares what time it is -- 4 am or 10 pm. You need the exercise and you have to do it, no matter what time or how you feel.

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11/5/12 11:18 A

I have to just try and fit it in where I can, sometimes that means going out really early in the morning or late at night, sometimes I take my 2 yr old with me. I really have to work at it and plan my day, I try and make exercise as much a part of my day as everything else and plan my day around it as best I can

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10/29/12 12:41 A

I feel the same way after working all day, then picking up 2 kids, dinner, bedtime, plus house work - since both hubby and I were typically sitting on the couch after the kids get put down to bed most nights I have him do bedtime and I go for my walks or I do it after putting the kids down - it cuts into TV time and sometimes it means I don't get to it till around 10pm but is it better to work out late and tired or not at all? I decided there are no excuses, if hubby has to work late then my treadmill or elliptical, Wii step or even running up and down my stairs in the house help me get my workouts in. I also find that on Saturday mornings when hubby sometimes has to work I go to the local high school track and get my run in with the kids - mine are 4 and 6 so they run around in the field and do a few laps with me but one of the other moms I meetup with brings her jogging stroller and since the track has no bumps her little one pretty much sleeps the whole time and the toddler gets the promise to run with my kids when she finishes our run. I can't say it is easy or gets easy but you figure it out and I would rather get my workout and go to bed right after than not get it in!

Hope this helps!

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10/27/12 5:03 P


If you can't make time to exercise and you want to, your priorities need adjusting.

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10/27/12 12:51 A

I can't find time to fit it all in , in a day. It's impossible

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10/24/12 5:07 P

No one ever 'finds' time (it's not lost! LOL!)... you have to make time.

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10/24/12 2:55 P

I don't know if you find it, let me know!!

I can't get in everything I want, but I do have an agreement with my husband that I get Tuesday nights, he is on kid duty. (He gets Mon and Wed). Don't ask...

I think it's a matter of just being selfish. However, seeing that I only get one night a week, I'm not one to tell you how to do that.

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10/23/12 5:41 A

So, I had a DS almost a year ago. Early post partum it was fabulous b/c we went for a walk just about everyday that it wasn't way super cold (shout out to bundle me baby!!!) Then, after being out for 3 months reality set in and I went back to work... I'm super ok with being a career mom...but have really gotten lost in being DS's mom. Which I love and wouldn't change for the world. I feel like I have a good work/life balance....DH feels the same way. I work M-Th and have F-Sun off with DS-So, I have time at work and time at home. Works well.

Anyway, I start work and the whirlwind of life happens...and I'm back to eating on the run and have just a little weight left to loose (~20 lbs) :guilty: I'm really starting to get down on myself. So, yesterday after seeing a co-worker just ran a marathon...I started my plan...joined spark people-tracking every ounce of food that goes into my mouth...and then talked to her about running. (we have an elliptical--so the winter months won't be too terrible) She suggested couch to 5k...Plan seems easy enough...and I could use the exercise.

The question is...Where do you find the the time we get home, eat dinner, get DS to bed...I'm exhausted. I already get up at 4:00AM and not sure that I could even fathom getting onto the elliptical at that time...I'm just not a morning person.

Thoughts? Suggestions? We have Wii Fit too. Hand held weights and a medicine ball...

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