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1/7/12 3:13 P

After just one night of sitting and wiggling on my fitness ball while I edited my blogger blog and looking around online last night my knees and lower back is really feeling it today.I was even feeling it last night.

Is it weird to enjoy this sore feeling today? I was even enjoying it last night!
After wiggling on the ball for a little while the ball feels squishy but there are no holes in it.So I just remove the plug and re-pump it up so I fit better on the ball.

I just sit tall and wiggle for about a good 5 or 10 minutes not a fast wiggle just a wiggle so my hips go past my rib cage it feels really really good kind of like hula hooping but with out the hula hoop.

I enjoy doing this more then even walking around in the store is that weird.

It kind make me think I am shaking my hips sexy like a dancer.I feel good about it and its is something I can do in my own bedroom.

If anyone has any thing to add to this please do so.I am kind of curious if I am the only weird on on here that feels sexy after sitting on a fitness ball.(LOL!)


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