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9/14/13 6:59 P

I take fat free sugar free yogurt, a salad and an apple or other fresh fruit.

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9/14/13 6:18 P

I just pack normal foods that I would enjoy eating for a lunch or dinner at home. I usually eat the same thing for a whole week, but typically change it up every week and rarely eat the same thing for lunch more than three or four times a year. This week I'm going to make miso soup by putting a bunch of ingredients into a Ziplock container: miso paste, soy sauce, mirin, shredded greens, cubed tofu, cooked soba noodles, shiitake mushrooms, rehydrated arame seaweed and sesame seeds. I'll keep five of these containers at work, and each day at lunch I'll dump the contents into a proper bowl and add just-boiled water.

My philosophy is that I'm going to spend about SEVEN THOUSAND lunches at work before I retire, so I'd may as well make them enjoyable!

9/14/13 3:55 P

I have a travel cooler that I plug into a 12 volt adapter to help keep my food cool, but usually I pack 1/2 an omelette with veggies (I eat the other half), grapes, strawberries, orange, cottage cheese w/ fruit, string cheese, hard boiled eggs and a granny smith apple to get me through a 12 hour shift at work. This is the skeleton for my lunches and I variate those to make other lunches as well.

JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,748
9/6/13 3:56 P

I take breakfast, lunch and a snack to work most days, and we're lucky to have a fridge, microwave, toaster and toaster oven. I usually make a dish on the weekends to eat for lunch everyday, but I don't mind eating the same thing several days in a row. This week, it was slow cooker barely risotto with fennel, carrots and green beans. Last week, it was chicken "taquitos," baby carrots and fruit. I also will sometimes bring sandwiches, PB on rice cakes, or FF cottage cheese and fruit.

I keep granola bars, dried fruit, small bags of popcorn, etc. in a desk drawer, and I often keep a large package of cheese sticks in the office refrigerator. We have a fairly small office, so we are lucky that we don't have to worry about theft, etc.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
9/6/13 1:50 P

my lunches have been smoothies for the past few months. I don't feel like having one at breakfast so i make them for lunch.
Sometimes it is homemade hummus and veggies
sometimes it is a whatever i have in the fridge salad
sometimes i eat in the cafeteria which never ends well
sometimes its an apple with nut butters.
sometimes its a bowl of cereal with almond milk (despise dairy of most kinds)

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
9/6/13 9:43 A

I'm with you - prepackaged products are not my thing, either.

I have a thermal bag and an ice pack (blue ice) that I carry, packed with containers of either leftovers or purposefully-made items.

The variety is as endless as your imagination and pantry/fridge contents.

My hubby used to make shepherd's pie and other 'large' items that I divided nito containers and froze to carry with me, too. Haven't done that in a while, but those items are also great to add to the bag an go (and they act as an ice pack, if they are still frozen).

I have access to a microwave and toaster oven in the office, as well as shared space in the fridge, if I need it.

ROS3MARY Posts: 202
9/5/13 6:18 P

Thanks guys, I will have to goggle this Bento boxes.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
9/5/13 2:05 P

Leftovers! I "re-purpose" leftover items from the night before, quite often. For example last night I grilled some corn on the cob and threw a bunch of veg in the oven to roast. These were my side dishes last night; for lunch they are combined to make a really tasty salad (roasted beets, roasted fennel, grilled corn, a touch of olive oil and white wine vinegar, fresh basil - mmmmmmm). Leftover soup or stew, big portion at dinner, smaller portion packed up next day for lunch.I will often cook an extra chicken breast or piece of steak, and use it to make a sandwich or top a salad.

You can pack anything. Packed lunch does NOT have to be 'a sandwich, an apple and a juice box.' If you have a fridge and microwave, anything goes. If you don't, then insulated lunch bags and hot/cold food thermos come in handy.

9/5/13 12:05 P

I hate packing lunches. Thankfully I have a fridge that I share with only one other person and a microwave, so I can keep things at work. Some days I pack breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

I like leftovers. I usually make enough dinner to reheat some the next day, or freeze things to use throughout the week.

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9/5/13 10:40 A

I found some Bento boxes at Home Goods that I use. They help out a lot with portion control. A food scale is awesome too. In mine, I'll pack some protein in one part, then fill the others with fresh fruits and veggies.

JANET0116 Posts: 672
9/5/13 10:00 A

I also try to pack lunch, I have access to a fridge and microwave, but I rarely use the fridge. I just keep things in a bag along with a frozen water or something. Below are some of my very quick/easy lunches. The only thing I really prep in advance are hard boiled eggs and any leftovers. The veggies I just toss whole into my bag and portion out at work. I keep a small bag of sandwich thin bread, box of ww crackers, jar of nut butter, etc. at work too.

Tuna pouch/cherry tomatoes/whole wheat crackers with hummus and bell pepper strips
Spinach/kale salad mix, hard boiled egg, pepper strips, avocado, light dressing; yogurt or cheese stick
Turkey & spinach sandwich, cottage cheese, mandarin orange fruit cup; hummus & crackers

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9/5/13 9:47 A

insulated cooler filled with some combo from below:
canned poultry or tuna/ salmon
raw vegges
homemade salsa... thermos
cold cucumber soup.... thermos
lettuce wrap.... wrapped n cold folll

TJ1TJ1 SparkPoints: (2,505)
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9/5/13 9:21 A

I too pack my lunch, fridge and micro at work....I normally bring in items for a salad, yogurt, fruit, soup, oatmeal, peanut butter. Sometimes I bring sandwich items or leftover dinner.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,259
9/5/13 9:12 A

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,221
9/5/13 8:45 A

I pack my own lunch and snack(s) every day for work. I've got access to a refrigerator and a microwave, which makes my options more numerous-- sometimes it's a cold sandwich and veggies type lunch, sometimes it's leftovers from dinner the night before, that I heat up. Every time there's a little bit of something left over from dinner, it gets saved for a lunch. I either pack up my food first thing in the morning, or sometimes I pack it all up after dinner the night before, and have a stack of rubbermaid containers in the fridge, ready to go into my bag the next day. I don't attempt to wash out the containers at work; at most I might rinse out something, I save truly washing, for when I get home.

I keep a jar of peanut butter at work, and since there's room in the fridge there, I might take a large container of cut-up carrots, celery, green peppers etc and leave it there on Monday to take me through the week. I don't have a "desk" of my own at work-- if you do, you could keep some things like whole grain crackers or nuts or something in one of the drawers.

I usually keep a couple low-cal type freezer entrees on hand for the rare occasion that there isn't anything else to eat, or I'm running late. There's an article here on Spark on how to choose a frozen entree wisely. I don't think I've eaten one of those in over a year though.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,203
9/5/13 7:46 A has the most comprehensive list of ideas i have ever seen. some are healthy, some less so. you don't have to buy their bento system either.
the idea is that you don't pack anything for lunch that you would not eat for another meal. which does mean having a good collection of ice packs, insulated bags and containers to maintain the food at the temperature that it is supposed to be at. beyond that you're only limited by your imagination and how long you have to keep it at whatever temperature.

ROS3MARY Posts: 202
9/5/13 7:12 A

These prepackaged options are not my thing.

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