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It depends what I am craving. If it is some confectionery, I often eat a dried fig or piece of dried date, and take a while chewing it. If it is Ice-cream, I might have some yoghurt.

Sometimes I give in to my cravings, but then I actually allow myself to have whatever I want one day per week. It doesn't mean that I will ALWAYS have extra one day per week - sometimes it might be 2-3 weeks, but other times it might be 4-5 days. I am in maintenance mode now, and this hasn't interfered with my maintaining. When I was in weight-loss mode I practiced this method one day in 2 weeks (give or take.) It actually DOES help to reduce cravings, so MIGHT be worth giving it a go. To accommodate this I allowed for it by eating slightly lower in the calorie range the rest of the days.

Also, using the Nutrition Tracker regularly, and weighing all of your food can help to stay on course. Ensuring that you get plenty of fruit/veges helps as well, because the fibre will keep you fuller for longer, therefore more likely to help keep your focus OFF food.

I find that when a mindset says "I can't have ....." then you want it more. This isn't about deprivation, but rather wise choice of food MOST of the time.


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Looking for ideas how to curb cravings - what works for you?

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