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5/19/09 2:23 P

Hi There:

Since I love pasta, I tried this. I have a food weigh scale at home, I measured dry pasta, say spaghetti (3 oz =1 serving) Cooked it up, and then measured it in a measuring cup. It came out to be roughly 1 1/2 cups of cooked spaghetti. The scales are not very expensive, and very helpful.

Hope that helps!

9/17/08 3:44 P

You got it. My personal experience is still 2oz to 6-7 oz., lol, but I usually don't give it time to soak up all the water..

Happy pasta cooking.


9/17/08 8:09 A

Thank you DOC! This one makes sense for me. Thanks for the link to the site too!

9/17/08 5:44 A

This was taken from the National Pasta Association website ( Maybe this helps:

It depends on which shape you're cooking, but you'll get a pretty close idea from this chart:

Small to medium pasta shapes
(Elbow Macaroni, Medium Shells, Rotini, Twists, Spirals, Wagon Wheels, Bow Ties, Mostaccioli, Penne, Radiatore, Rigatoni)
8 oz. uncooked = 4 cups cooked

Long pasta shapes
(Spaghetti, Angel Hair, Linguine, Vermicelli, Fettuccine)
8 oz. uncooked or
1 1/2 inch diameter bunch = 4 cups cooked

Egg Noodles 8 oz. uncooked = 2 1/2 cups cooked


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9/16/08 6:18 P

For most conversions, you can just type "[initial measurement] to [what you want to convert it to]" in a Google search, and it'll do the math for you.

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9/16/08 5:53 P

I assumed you meant 2 oz. of dried pasta because that's the serving size listed on the box. But that's dry weight. I agree that serving size usually comes out to one cup of cooked pasta. I have no idea how much 2 oz. of cooked pasta is.

9/16/08 5:47 P

I'm referring to 'cooked' pasta - so would you say 1 cup would be 2oz? I'm confused... emoticon

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9/16/08 5:24 P

doc cups are a volume measurement, not a weight [like oz - and yes, 8 fluid ounces equals 1 cup, but most of the time when you see ounces, weight is implied, not the fl. oz. ].

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9/16/08 5:24 P

Typically 1 cup of pasta = 200 calories... check

9/16/08 5:12 P

I must have read this wrong, but there is a 1 to 3 ratio on average.

2 oz. of dry pasta = at most 6+ oz. cooked.


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9/16/08 4:42 P

A very general formula is that 2 oz dry pasta = 1 cup cooked.

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9/16/08 4:10 P

You can't do it because ounces probably refers to weight for uncooked pasta, and cups is a measure of volume. Depending on the type of pasta, the amount you will get from 2 ounces dry will vary.

9/16/08 3:53 P

I checked the conversion chart that's available but it won't allow me to do this conversion. Help??

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