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KKKAREN Posts: 12,753
4/6/13 8:12 A

I've always used the raw weight to calculate calories. I never thought of it before and never wondered if I was right or wrong.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
4/6/13 5:50 A

You can use a raw weight entry if you like, just make sure it's a raw weight entry that you're logging it as, not a sparkpeople database meat entry. Yes, it makes a difference.

What do you mean "nothing is really cooking anyway"? As you point out, a steak can weigh a significantly different amount when cooked so while you're not cooking off calories, if you record a raw 100g steak as 100g of cooked meat you'll be over-recording it. It takes more than 100g raw meat to make 100g cooked meat.

ZENANDNOW SparkPoints: (68,476)
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4/5/13 10:43 P

@ThirteenSteps: I tend to disagree. I also weigh cooked meats before logging the nutritional values on SparkPeople. Cooked meats DO contain less fats and such (in liquid form). I simply cook the meat first, drain off the excess liquids (you can see the fat floating in the liquid), then weigh it. Less fat, less calories. That 6-oz 93/7 burger patty (at 170 calories per 4-oz) becomes around 4.6-oz cooked, thereby meaning fewer calories and fat.

But that's just my opinion. emoticon

4/5/13 10:31 P

Thank you. I usually use the "cooked weight" but, was curious for meats I was cooking IN something else. I guess it's best to use the "raw" weight because nothing is really cooking away.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (228,898)
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4/5/13 10:12 P

I contacted our Meat Board and got them to send me the Nutritional Breakdown of ALL cuts of meat - in the raw state, and some in the cooked state. I also use the NZ Meat Board figures because different countries seem to prefer varying fat content, and I don't want to record for a higher one when I eat lower.

I mostly use the raw state and weigh it, because often the cooked state doesn't say if it is cooked with other things or what the liquid is and that can alter the nutritional numbers.

I'm not sure that the SP data is.


UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
4/5/13 10:11 P

All Spark database entries are 'ready to eat' unless stated otherwise.

If you're using a raw pork listing, track 6oz, if you're using a spark entry, track 4oz.

4/5/13 10:08 P

The weight when it is raw or the weight after it is cooked?

For example...6 ounces or pork loin cooks down to 4 ounces.

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