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I hope you found your path. I'm in a situation similar to yours. I teach 6th grade and just started my group exercise certificate. Last year I did a YogaFit training as a start. I'm going through AFAA right now. Have you started? If not, I could use an accountability partner if you're ready. Let me know!

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10/14/13 5:40 P

Most gyms have a fitness coordinator that is in charge of all the group classes. Talk to them about how to get certified in your area and what openings they have. I know my gym right now is looking for more Les Mills instructors

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10/14/13 5:39 P

My first certification was group fitness. I have since let it lapse because I don't enjoy teaching classes, I prefer the one on one of PT.

- what does it take to be worth the process/certification? I felt like my BA in music was very helpful, because teaching choreographed classes requires some basic knowledge of beats and music. You don't need to have a degree in music, but it certainly helps if you can understand 32 bar groups and hear where beat 1 is in 4/4 time.
- what does the process look like? You sit in a classroom and go through a book, and then you get out on the floor and practice teaching in front of your classmates. Then you do a written exam and a practical exam.
- how expensive is it? I did mine over 10 years ago, but it was several hundred bucks.
- how long does it take? a weekend for the classroom time.

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I wrote a blog on this topic. You might want to check it out. I believe it answers most of your questions.

If you enjoy fitness and teaching, becoming a group exercise instructor is the best of both worlds. It's also a great way to make a little extra money doing something you really enjoy.

Also, the certification for a group exercise instructor can run anywhere from $99-$300. it depends on the program you do. AFAA usually costs around $300 not including books. However, a couple of times a year, they run a program called APEX. During APEX, the group ex certification is only $99.

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10/14/13 3:14 P

I'm currently an elementary teacher - teaching is in my blood!

I'm wondering how feasible it would be to actually become a group fitness instructor. I already know quite a lot about how the body works and about strength training from my 5 years on this website and taking classes. Has anyone gone through this process or know about it?

I'm curious as to:
- what does it take to be worth the process/certification?
- what does the process look like?
- how expensive is it?
- how long does it take?

Hope you've had successes in your own endeavors!


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