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3/27/09 7:17 A

I'll admit now that I eat a lot more fruits than I do veggies. Just because they are more satisfying to me. I've added a serving of fruit to my breakfast, then have fruit as a snack in the morning, I've exchanged chips or french fries with a spinach salad at lunch hour, then maybe more fruit in the afternoon (or yogurt with fruit). Then, dinner is heavy on the veggies.

I honesty have always liked fruits and veggies, so it isn't a big change for me to want to eat them, it is just a matter of consistently eating them and turning to them instead of the bad stuff.

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3/27/09 7:05 A

fruit for breakfast, snack, veggie for lunch, supper. pretty soon you have all plus some.


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3/27/09 6:32 A

I just do. I have to eat so why not fruits & veggies?

I do my fruits at breakfast and veggies at lunch - dinner is *up for grabs* as my smallest meal of the day - I fill in with however many calories I need to complete my day.

Like others, I tend to eat more fruits than veggies, but I do manage to keep my carbs in range.

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11SPARKLES Posts: 91
3/27/09 5:50 A

I struggled with this at first. Fruits were easy, but vegetables I had no instinct to eat them. Now, I get a veggie box delivered to me at work once a week, and inevitably it has one seasonal veg i have never seen or eaten I turned eating vegetables into an adventure and a challenge. What is this? What do I do with it? (sparkrecipes and google images are useful that way). Basically I make vegetables the central feature of my evening meal, and I make sure that there are fruit and veg in my other meals.

YOGAFAWN Posts: 145
3/27/09 4:24 A

I usually snack on fruits and vegetables. I make sure to buy vegetables that are pre-cut so that I can nosh on them immediately - gives me a higher incentive to grab the fruits & veg when they require no prep time.

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3/27/09 4:23 A

before living in the states i could not even possibly imagine that someone can not like fruit and vegetables.
i most of all like my veggies stewed or raw (simply sliced or in salads) and fruit in any way possible as long as they've been washed.
JAZZYCHICK SparkPoints: (22,869)
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3/27/09 4:18 A

I keep a fruit bowl on my coffee table. It stops me from heading to the kitchen if I want a snack...I just grab a plum (only 30 cals and very filling). No excuses to search for anything else!!! :-)

IBU3007 Posts: 505
3/27/09 4:05 A

As salad for lunch and dinner; also as add-ins with chicken or pasta. Fruits are always eaten after dinner

3/27/09 3:05 A

I now cook meals that require a vegetable, plus have a big multi veggie salad, at our main meal. Hubby doesn't like vegetables any more then me, but he has been very supportive and eats them anyway, just like me.

Have a great day,
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3/27/09 2:53 A

matter of awareness.

3/27/09 2:42 A

I always have a piece of fruit at breakfast time, whether it's a banana on my cereal or grapes in my yogurt. It's just gotta be done.

I also pack my lunches to take to university so I stuff 'em full of veggies. I'm on campus for so long that I know I'll eat them eventually!

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3/27/09 2:12 A

I have a fruit smoothie for breakfast (at least 2 servings right there) and a salad for lunch, plus at least one piece of fruit and then for snack another piece of fruit or veggies (like baby carrots - great snack!) and then at least 2 veggies for dinner. 7 servings. Bam.

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YMUNDERWOOD SparkPoints: (263,827)
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3/27/09 1:40 A

if you want to get 3 servings of fruit aday and 5 servings of veggies. try having them at every meal for eamp, 1 serving of veggie at breakfast and i serving of fruit, and 2 servings of veggies at lunch and 1 serving of fruit, and 2 servings of veggies at dinner and 1 serving of fruit. Or in any combinaton you choose. you can euse veggirsd for your daily snack.

3/27/09 1:20 A

Add them in my meals. Either seperate or combined.
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LEXIEJ Posts: 370
3/27/09 1:16 A

My son is a year old, I am trying to introduce new and fun food to him. While making his meals I try to keep them well balanced, and I try to do the same for me too. In a way, he has helped me. Before I would eat whatever was simple, which always wasn't the healthiest. Now having a growing boy around I want him healthy and I need to be healthy for him too! We have plenty of fruits around to grab and snack on, and also bags of frozen veggies. I find the frozen veggies easiest to prepare and they don't spoil in my fridge! They are an easy add on to my lunches and dinners! Also frozen fruits, thaw and serve and they taste good too!

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3/27/09 12:55 A

Nights I have stir fry are the easiest:

Breakfast - 1 fruit with cereal (banana, strawberries, blueberries)
Snack - apple
Lunch - apple crusher trader joes, carrot
Dinner - tofu veggie stir fry (4 servings veggies), grapefruit (2 servings)

Other nights, I add spinach to whatever my protein is.

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
3/27/09 12:32 A

Breakfast one fruit portion + ½ milk ration
Snack one fruit or slice of extra rye bread
Lunch 1 fruit + 300 grams vegetables
Dinner 300 grams vegetables
Dessert 2 fruits + ½ milk ration

if hungry or have a heavy day eat up to 1 kg vegetables.. Try to use my extras as vegetables the days I am at the gym, or extra fruit if available before I go over to the heavy maintenance extra's..
My heavy days include 15-16,000 steps route, 2 1½ hour cleaning contracts and my body building.. If unlucky have to run to catch my bus lol..

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3/27/09 12:05 A

I have started serving a "side" of fruit with dinner.

This can be chopping an apple into a salad, or using half-cup ramekins to serve canned fruit. (Yes I know I shouldn't resort to canned fruit in California, but winter just ended).

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3/26/09 11:59 P

I am trying to reduce the amount of meat I take for lunch. It sounds crazy but instead of a big piece of chicken I'll strive for the smaller piece and maybe add some fruit or increase the size of the vegetable that I'm eating with it.


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AZALIA34 Posts: 671
3/26/09 11:14 P

This site has taught me where to get my calories from in order not to be hungry throughout the day. I now choose steamed and boiled veggies, legumes, and salads over meats. I take warm lunches to work, that need preparation ahead of time. I come back from work, and enjoy cooking for the next day. My children have also benefited a great deal from this change. They, too, get warm, healthy lunches.

MRSSLIM120 Posts: 561
3/26/09 10:45 P

I eat fruits and veggies all the time. they are good. I usually eat them hold or cut up.

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ALWHITING SparkPoints: (0)
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3/26/09 10:44 P

I try to have a salad and a vegetable side dish / dinner. Snack on fresh and dried fruits, and fruit cups.

JEVETT SparkPoints: (42,752)
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3/26/09 10:43 P

I add spinach to all kinds of dishes, and mushrooms too. Veggies for breakfast in my omelet emoticon emoticon

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GOAL142 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/26/09 10:39 P

I became a vegetarian!

MALLARD63 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/26/09 10:25 P

I always have my fruit at breakfast and snack. My veggies go into my salads that I bring for lunch and I always serve veggies for dinner.

AMETHYST73 Posts: 187
3/26/09 10:05 P

My rule is to always have the same amount of vegies in things as I do meat. I literally would never dream of making something without vegies in it nowadays!
I will make pasta sauce, curry, stew and casseroles, minimum 50% vegies, served with a little bit of rice or pasta, usually around 300/350 gms of the stew or whatever and 100 gms of the carbs. I finely dice 1 part carrot, 1 part celery and 2 parts onion usually as a base for EVERYTHING, a trick I learned from chefs - this is called a mirapoix, it's great as a base, adds colour and flavour and vegies to just about anyting you can think of.
Salads and stirfries, I make with 1 part meat to 2 part vegies (at least) and don't have carbs with them - I'll have my carbs at lunch or brekkie those days.

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MFIT4ME Posts: 526
3/26/09 10:02 P

I love fruit so I eat a lot of it. One of my favorite snacks in natural PB with an apple. It's so yummy! Sometimes I will have blueberries with my cereal (Sams)

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AUGIE06 Posts: 82
3/26/09 9:49 P

i'm not a big fruit & veggies person, but i try to put lettuce & tomato on my sandwich that i have for lunch every day, along with having some carrot sticks, and a serving of lite canned fruit... i want to start eating a piece of fruit every morning with breakfast, but am not sure when that will happen...

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (176,514)
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3/26/09 9:41 P

I LOVE fresh fruit and veges so it has never been a problem for me. It was also quite possible it may have been a main contributing factor to my 95kg. THEN I was eating 14-15 serves of fruit/veges (2/3 fruit and seldom biscuits, cakes, take-aways etc.) I used to eat fruit at every meal, plus snacks (morning, a/noon and before bed), now I eat at least 2 serves fruit (my tongue hangs out for more) and 4-6 serves veges daily.

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CHUNKYLOVER56 SparkPoints: (6,831)
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3/26/09 9:33 P

I make sure to have at least one fruit and or vegetable with every meal. I'm not always successful but for the most part, when I plan my meals or eat at home, I add them into every meal. I also eat fruit as a snack....i love granny smith apples and oranges emoticon

Fitness Minutes: (4,218)
Posts: 221
3/26/09 9:25 P

I eat a ton of salad and that can get boring easily so I really venture out in the produce section for some variety. The one salad i can eat daily would be romaine lettuce/spinach, black beans, fresh salsa, avocado, cilantro, lime juice, various other veggies (broccoli, cucumber, onion, peppers)sea salt, pepper.. i don't add olive oil b/c of the fat from the avocado, but i loooove this salad, sometimes i add spicy grilled chicken or grilled corn for a southwestern feel, i just love those flavors, it never gets old!

Loving the FIT life!!
3/26/09 9:24 P

I add okra, peas, corn, broccoli, cauliflower to a bowl of rice. Shred or chop some veggies into spaghetti and sauce, like carrots, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, etc. Make a mini pizza or even if you order out something healthy add mushroom, spinach, tomato, sun dried tomato, olives, peppers, onions, etc. Salad, I don't like carrot chunks in my salad so I will shred some carrot into it and add spinach and lettuce, mushrooms sometimes, peppers, etc. Avocado is great too.

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TRISTI1 Posts: 10
3/26/09 9:22 P

I like to throw a bunch of different veggi's in a crock pot with some seasonings and it makes a delicous soup/stew for lunch or dinner. I don't mind not having meat in it, but my hubby likes it, so I usually add chicken or lean beef. I also like to grate or puree veggi's and add them to pasta sauce to sneak them in for my kids. Another snack I like is pizza's made with rice cakes, a bit of sauce and loaded with veggi's! also in the summer I LOVE grilled veggi's on kabobs- yumm!

3/26/09 8:41 P

I have veggies ar EVERY meal. EVERY meal. even breakfast. AND I have a rule. I eat the veggies first. AND they take up more room than the other foods on my plate, or in my bowl.... And I finish them.

STEPHANIE0904 Posts: 2,572
3/26/09 8:31 P

I love fresh fruit so that's never an issue for me. Veggies are a little tougher. I love salads but get bored with them. Sometimes, I snack on celery with PB or baby carrots - just to get some veggies in me.

LOTUS737 Posts: 2,056
3/26/09 8:06 P

I love fruit & veggies, so I rarely have a problem getting them all in. I *love* to roast whatever veggies I have on hand with a little olive oil & garlic.

But if I'm making food for my small cousins (who don't like to eat visible veggies), I sneak them in by cooking them into pasta sauce & pureeing it. They have no idea they're getting veggies!

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KATO2009 Posts: 36
3/26/09 7:49 P

I eat fruit with alot of my meals as my dessert. I like salads and vegetables on the side. Sometimes, I make a one dish meal!

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CLIMBERCHICK14 Posts: 11,246
3/26/09 7:30 P


-Veggie omelets
-Add to pasta as a filler
-Side dishes
-Add to sandwiches


-Mix w/ organic yogurt & fiber one
-As a fruit salad for dessert

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JMGNIAD SparkPoints: (14,354)
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3/26/09 7:26 P

I make my own pasta sauce with mushrooms, zuchinni, green peppers, and onions along with salt free tomato sauce. We love that stuff, and it has to have at least two servings of veggies in the amount we eat for each serving. I've also just recently started eating salsa again. I make my own by cutting up onion, cucumber, tomato, and jalapeno and I add salsa seasoning to it. I've been eating it with a lot lately.

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MADAMEAJA Posts: 626
3/26/09 6:32 P

For breakfast, I make a blended fruit/veggie smoothie that's got 3 servings at least. I include things like chard, spinach, broccoli, beets, fresh apple and orange juice, banana, kiwi, mango. My whole family likes it. Then I always have 2 cups of greens with my lunch and dinner. My goal is 90% raw, 80% green, though I've been eating more (cooked) meat to up my protein for the past few weeks.

3/26/09 6:17 P

I do the very same thing....I like to mix chopped veg with a *true* serving of pasta...sometimes, I'll just steam cabbage in lieu of the pasta and top it with sauce and a lean protein and you can hardly tell it's not pasta under there.

I also have a terrible sweet I stock up on in season fruits and make a point to reach for them when my sweet tooth starts whining.


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TYGGRESS SparkPoints: (0)
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3/26/09 6:13 P

I eat a fruit serving in the morning with breakfast (bowl of berries or 1/2 grapefruit), my mid-am snack (apple) and my mid-pm snack (banana).

I tend to eat full 1 C servings of veggies at dinner, too. Tonight, for example, I'll have a broccoli / cauliflower combo.

I eat a salad with dinner and throw lots of veggies in it: lettuce, carrots, celery, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, olives, etc. So my dinner salad becomes 2 - 3 servings by the time I'm done with it.

I try to eat at least one (sometimes 2) fruit or veggie servings at each meal (5 meals a day) and sometimes when I get the munchies at night I'll have fruit for another snack.

Like the previous poster, I add veggies to pasta dishes. I also make a chicken stew that has 80% veggies and only about 20% chicken. YUM~!

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KILLERSTAR SparkPoints: (13,912)
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3/26/09 6:06 P

I try to find many ways to sneak in a ton of veggies. My favorite way is when I make pasta dishes, I cut the serving size of noodles down by half and put in a bunch of vegetables like broccoli, zucchini, tomatoes, etc. to make up for it. =)

AOGOAE Posts: 4,073
3/26/09 5:59 P

I eat fruit as snack throughout the day, between breakfast and lunch, between lunch and dinner, and often after dinner too. I also often have more than one serving of fruit or vegetables at a time, 1c of steamed vegetables (2 servings) is pretty reasonable for lunch or dinner.

3/26/09 5:58 P

Oh yeah! and a salad with dinner at least 6 times per week

KPHILDE SparkPoints: (16,816)
Fitness Minutes: (22,807)
Posts: 421
3/26/09 5:55 P

I try to get a least one fruit or veggie in with each meal or snack. Starting with a banana at breakfast, carrots, celery or an apple for a snack, and side salad at lunch and dinner.

3/26/09 5:49 P

I started eating a fruit with my cereal in the morning (usually a sort of berry) and an apple toward the end of the workday. At first it was just extra calories, but now I see that it's keeping me from going OVER my prescribed calorie intake.

Also, I've been enjoying some yummy olives packed in water (not oil!) after work.

STANGSTER Posts: 614
3/26/09 5:45 P

I shred carrots and spinach into my spaghetti sauce while its cooking. I also add peas to my macaroni and cheese.

TRILLIANTOO SparkPoints: (40,959)
Fitness Minutes: (30,218)
Posts: 16,790
3/26/09 5:44 P

I'm a high vegan raw foodie now, so pretty much all I eat is fruits and veggies, with some whole grains, legumes/pulses, and vegan protein thrown in here and there.

But several years ago, the fruits and veggies I liked were really limited. So what I did was decided to try one new food a week. I'd look for a new food in the supermarket, then go home and find recipes. Then the next week I'd buy the food (I don't like buying food when I don't know what I'm going to do with it), and make several recipes with it.

I really liked finding ways I could try that one new food in several recipes in that week so I could see if there's ways I like it ... sometimes not liking a veggie has more to do with how it's cooked than the veggie itself.

It was tough at first, so many things, and I didn't like everything right away.

But in time I started getting new recipes, and enjoying more foods. I still liked most veggies cooked, though.

I have kept up that idea, and have since tried many new foods (in fact just this morning on one of the teams someone presented the idea of a challenge of finding a food I can get that I've NOT tried!), and have tried many new recipes so I can enjoy these foods in a variety of different ways.

When I was introduced to raw foods I got really interested in it, though it took me a while, and was very interested in a more vegetarian way of eating - but without relying on all the cheese, and pasta, bread, rice and beans - some is good, but I wanted more non-starchy veggies and fruit.

So after taking some time, the majority of my meals are raw fruits and veggies in salads, soups, smoothies, wraps, sandwiches, and entrees. I eat some cooked veggies too, such as vegi burgers, full of beans, soy, all kinds of good stuff.

I've never needed to hide it, but it is amazing where you can put food and you don't really notice it, like a kale leaf in a fruit smoothie.

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COACH_NICOLE Posts: 9,354
3/26/09 5:28 P

Fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet. Packed full of nutrients in a fiber- and nutrient-rich package, they can keep you full and stave off disease. At SparkPeople, we encourage everyone to add more fruits and vegetables to their meals and snacks, aiming for 5-9 servings a day, but that can be a daunting task when you're not used to eating them.

So we were wondering: How do you fit in more fruits and veggies into your meals and snacks? Reply here to tell us about the ways you enjoy them, whether you "sneak" them into a morning smoothie or let them take center stage at dinner. Your tips might be featured in an upcoming article OR the forthcoming SparkPeople book, The Spark!

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