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1/31/13 12:46 P

Polar makes great heart rate monitors if you are looking. You set a training plan and it tells you what zone your heart rate should be in also. I find it very helpful!

ALYSSAROSE89 Posts: 13
1/31/13 12:35 P

I was thinking of getting something like that, it'd be much easier than logging each individual exercise every day... that gets a little time consuming when paired with calorie counting.. THANK YOU!!:)

MOMMYOF2RN Posts: 579
1/31/13 12:15 P

I do not believe they are accurate either,but it gives me a general idea of how much I am burning. I wore a friends Body Media device once and I burned 200 more calories than SP gave me credit for, but I absolutely can not wear one of those big bulky things so I just go with what they say.

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1/31/13 12:14 P

generally speaking, a heart rate monitor will be the most accurate measure of calories burned, but all numbers will be estimates.

ALYSSAROSE89 Posts: 13
1/31/13 11:59 A

How do you really know how many calories you are burning. I feel like the suggestions on the exercise tracker way off... or don't take certain things into account like my weight, speed, reps without weight etc... anyone have any thoughts or advice?

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