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are you getting enough exercise and stretching? I lost about 5 pounds when I stopped going to the gym during a three month interlude in my life. Muscle adds more weight than fat does. If you are exercising and if your emotions and spirits are Ok, then it seems fine to be 5 pounds under your goal.
One more personal note: My favorite meals are ones that I share with someone else - the food just tastes better. So consider inviting others to eat with you every day or two - to make the meal more of an occasion. I light a candle at dinner and occasionally put on music too. If you continue to lose weight, it may be depression or another problem so get some help if that happens. Congratulations on your healthy behaviors. Being on the lean side may add some years to your life (based on current research).

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a lot of spinning!!

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Well - you know yourself better than anyone, but I will tell you what I do: I do a little strength training, a little walking, check my weight most days, and if it creeps up more than 2 lbs, I track food for a week. That's basically it. I know what items need to be eaten each day to get enough fiber and protein, and I don't do fast food. You've done great --- you won't gain it back in the course of a week - if you check your weight regularly, you can get a handle on things before they get out of control again.
--- Oh, yeah, and skipping the hamburger is a GOOD decision! But here's the thing: when you were in weight loss mode, you would skip the burger no matter what. Now that you're in maintenance, well if it's a GREAT burger that you couldn't get any old time you wanted it ... I mean, it's a cookout, a special outing (not fast food!) well, you can just go ahead and enjoy!

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After about a year I have lost about 65 pounds and have reached my goal weight. I have been on maintenance mode for about 3 months. I shouldn't have any weight problems then right? Wrong. I am finding it mentally challenging to push up into that goal weight range after being below it for so long. I am now about 5 pounds under my goal weight. That little voice is telling me "don't take that bigger portion", "don't eat that hamburger, instead have the grilled chicken", etc. I know I need to increase my portions, and/or eat some higher calorie foods. Now I can sort of see why young girls fall into bulimia. I know that this is kind of a good problem but wonder if others may be in my situation and how it was handled. (I am way over 50)


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