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JANET0116 Posts: 672
5/26/10 11:30 A

Shrimp is naturally high in sodium as well

KITGKLAM Posts: 14
5/26/10 11:25 A

Have a bag of instant noodle, it contains more than 95% of your daily sodium.

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5/25/10 11:21 P

When my doctor advised me to increase my salt intake I started using pre-packaged vegetable stock in more places- when I cooked rice, in homemade soups, etc. I also bought a little grinder of sea salt and started sprinkling salt on top of my steamed vegetables.

ANARIE Posts: 13,179
5/25/10 12:24 P

Table salt is NOT sodium nitrate! Both sea salt and table salt are sodium chloride. Sodium nitrate is entirely different; it's used as a preservative in some processed meats and occurs naturally in vegetables, but it's not something you're going to have on your table.

Sea salt and table salt are produced differently and have different advantages/disadvantages in cooking, but there's very little difference in their effect on your health. Table salt is finer, so more of it fits into a teaspoon measure, and that has led some people to say it "has more sodium." By weight, though, they're the same.

Here's the Mayo Clinic website's comment on sea salt vs. table salt:

5/25/10 12:06 P

If you are going to differentiate between table salt and sea salt, keep in mind that unless it is added, sea salt does not contain iodine which is an essential element. Sea salt can be found with iodine added but it's not as common as in table salt.

5/25/10 11:18 A

Thanks for the suggestions! I will definately try the soup. I think I have seen Amy's brand in the organic section of our grocery store, never noticed if they had soup but I love their pizzas. I'm not a huge fan of salt, so anyway I can get sodium without tasting it is a bonus. (doctor actually suggested pretzels :()

5/17/10 12:33 P

Some people do have low sodium levels so it's not a total surprise you have been advised to up your intake. Soup would be a good way since it's very high in sodium and so are pickles. Or take the easy way and shake some on popcorn or pasta or potatoes.

ANARIE Posts: 13,179
5/17/10 12:23 P

Oh, and soy sauce or tamari! They have tons of sodium in a small amount.

ANARIE Posts: 13,179
5/17/10 12:21 P

Probably the easiest way would be a serving of canned soup a day. That will give you extra vegetables as well, without adding many calories. You can find organic and vegan brands, if that's part of your personal definition of healthy. Amy's brand is good, although I don't know if it's available in Canada. But even plain old Campbell's or Heinz will give you your sodium without too much of the stuff you don't want.

Also, do a Google search for "high sodium vegetables." Some veggies naturally contain more sodium than others-- beet greens are a good source, for example, and I think celery also has a fair amount.

LETOVERN Posts: 2,603
5/17/10 11:13 A

Put salt on food. Curious why he or she'd suggest that--most people get more than enough in their foods.

5/17/10 10:45 A

Hi, My doctor told me to increase my sodium intake is their a healthy way to do this?

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