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1/19/13 6:10 A

Lisa, those are some awesome ideas; I especially like the "willpower dust" (I could use a little of that!). I would also suggest maybe some more individual sport choices- I was trying to give a basketball to someone the other day and all I could find was "sports equipment". How about a magic wand?
I would also like to see a few new "emoticons"...

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1/18/13 9:42 P

That would be great @ Anne-

Anyone esle have some ideas for SparkGoodies they want to see?


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1/18/13 7:54 A


Thank you for your suggestions, I will pass them along for consideration!

LISAN0415 SparkPoints: (9,164)
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1/18/13 1:45 A needs to add some new goodies for our SparkPages!

I have some ideas like:

air popped popcorn
Chicken noodle soup
Hot Lemon Tea
Wedding dress
Sexy Black dress
Dancing shoes
Walking shoes
"Designer" purse
Wave hello
Sign saying Hello
Praying hands
Bottle of wine
Bottle of champagne
"Cheers" sign
"Way to go!" sign
"Friends Forever" necklace
Date night
"Girls night out"
"Willpower dust"
"Lucky Penny"
wishing well
Dance Music
bubble bath
new wardrobe
shopping spree

What othe ideas do you have, and how can we subit it to the, they really really really need some new ones!


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