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2/18/12 11:18 P

I bought some slightly overripe bananas at Natural Grocers for .39/lb. today and thought I would have to freeze them all. I a!m going to freeze the riper ones and try putting the others in the refrigerator. Thanks for all the great suggestions

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2/18/12 10:29 P

If they do, a great way not to waste them is put them in the freezer with the skins on. When frozen but them in a blender with a few frozen berries and blend. When chopped up put a splash of low fat milk in until it becomes an icecream consistancy. Put in the freezer for an hour, and hey presto you have fruit icecream. Delish

2/18/12 9:44 P

It does help to separate them. I find they will last a few extra days when I do this.

KSHELTON21 SparkPoints: (15,810)
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2/18/12 8:13 P

I'm so glad I came across this post!!

HMKITTEN Posts: 452
2/13/12 10:47 P

Oh my gosh, thanks to all those people who suggested putting them in the fridge when they are ripened to your liking! I tried it with the last batch, and they have stayed perfectly where I want them (very firm but sweet) even though the skins are starting to turn. This is now a week from when I bought them and they are perfect. Thanks!

BFMONICA Posts: 1,624
2/13/12 9:21 P

I buy about 5 to 6 bananas at a time and I buy them at different stages...such as 3 green bananas and 3 almost ripe bananas.

FITNAPTURAL SparkPoints: (77,972)
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2/9/12 11:55 A

This has been really helpful. Thanks everyone! I love bananas and their so cheap but I hate for them to go bad.

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2/5/12 4:48 P

When your bananas start getting speckled put them in fridge. The skin will continue to darken but the banana will stay nice and firm on the inside.

LYNNBAUM Posts: 3,733
2/4/12 9:55 P

You guys are not going to believe this but I have a picture of the bunch of bananas I bought and I ate them before they went brown. When I need a pick me up I have banana w/peanutbutter. I love bananas. I try to buy what I think I am going to eat within 4 days. You know when you go shopping and need something to eat on the way home because you are starving? well that takes care of 2 of them. I'm thinking it is a heck of a lot better for you than the donuts from the discount rack and cheaper. What about the whole bananas are high in sugar thing. Put a natural 2-3 ing. peanutbutter on it.
The person that talked about the chemical ripping thing is right. Buy your bananas at different places and see which ones ripen faster. There are many banana shippers. Really taste them too. Different brands taste different. Kwik trip have more of a green taste.
You are how many bananas can I eat a day? I limit myself to no more than 8-10.

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2/2/12 10:00 P

I too like putting browning bananas in the fridge....they are pretty good tasting cold!

1/31/12 5:34 P

What a great idea! I've never tried that and I have some of those bags in the drawer.

RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
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1/31/12 2:10 P

I totally agree with this message. Black outside, but wonderfully fresh inside.

JUSTDOIT011 Posts: 1,452
1/30/12 1:06 A

No, DO put them in the fridge!! The outside will go brown, but the inside stays perfect. Seriously-- once I discovered this trick I can keep bananas in the fridge for 7-10 days (I eat them within a week usually) and they are still good, rather than setting them on the counter and having them last only a few days.

LYSS-AH Posts: 117
1/25/12 12:14 P

A great topic! Thank for posting, and thanks to those who answered. I've lost two bunches this month alone (which resulted in banana bread so they didn't go completely to waste. Excited to try some of these suggestions to see what works.

EMILYSPARK SparkPoints: (70,047)
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1/24/12 5:09 P

I read somewhere that if you detach the bunch from one another, they don't ripen as quickly as when they're all connected. No idea if it's true, but i guess it could be worth a try!

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1/20/12 11:33 P

Get Debbie Meyer green bags-they work great for bananas! Just be sure to take the bananas out everyday and rotate the bag inside out so the bananas do not rot from excess moisture. I've kept bananas a whole week this way even when they were ripe when I first put them in the bag.

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1/20/12 11:33 P

Get Debbie Meyer green bags-they work great for bananas! Just be sure to take the bananas out everyday and rotate the bag inside out so the bananas do not rot from excess moisture. I've kept bananas a whole week this way even when they were ripe when I first put them in the bag.

COOLMAMA11 SparkPoints: (205,250)
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1/18/12 5:48 P

Peel the bananas. While you can freeze bananas in the peel, in order to use the banana later, you have to let it thaw a bit before peeling. The resulting brown, mushy mess works well for banana breads, but it does not look very appetizing.

Lay the banana on the cutting board and chop off the ends. Then, slice the banana into bite-sized chunks. If you are going to make chocolate-covered bananas, simply chop off the ends.

Arrange the banana slices or whole bananas on a sheet of wax paper so that the bananas do not touch. Arranging the bananas properly ensures that you do not end up with one solid mass of frozen bananas. Freeze the bananas for a couple of hours until they are frozen solid.

Transfer the bananas to freezer bags, and return them to the freezer.

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SIGMA1208 SparkPoints: (9,495)
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1/17/12 12:16 A

Also don't put them in a bowl with other fruits, it will cause them to brown quicker as well

TABIKAT57 SparkPoints: (3,829)
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1/13/12 2:13 P

If your using them for smoothies or like banana bread, when they get to the ripeness that you prefer, freeze them unpeeled. When your ready to use, taken them out and thaw. They will look grossly black but once you cut off an end the perfect fruit will slide out.

Bananas are picked green so that by the time they make it to the market, they should be ready to eat. They ripen naturally.

HMKITTEN Posts: 452
1/12/12 2:51 P

Also, make sure that you don't refrigerate them--that will turn them brown even quicker. That makes me think that if you keep them in a warmer spot (NOT in a bag--that traps the gasses that ripen the fruit) they will ripen slower.

Good luck!

KELEKONA Posts: 605
1/10/12 9:00 P

Honestly, I try to get them peeled and frozen within two days. Try buying a bunch of two, hanging one after rinsing it, and hanging the other one far away as it came from the store.

I imagine the answer might be sprayed-on ripening chemicals. (They are picked under-ripe and then artificially ripened when they get to the store.)

KSANDIEGO SparkPoints: (8,680)
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1/10/12 2:05 P

I boug solid green bananas just 4 days ago and they're already turning brown, what can I do to stop my bananas from turning brown so darn fast? I like my bananas not too ripe, but I swer to heavens they always turn ripe too fast! Its almost not worth buying the darn things.

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