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4/14/11 8:31 P

Yeah, I quit watching the show LONG ago.

As one of you put it so well - it is a GAME - and nothing more.

It has absolutely nothing to do with a healthy lifestyle and weight loss. It's all about ratings, and playing the game. Chugging water to throw the weigh-in. Backstabbing your teammates.

I don't see how game-playing is going to inspire me to lose 100 pounds.

May as well watch Wheel of Fortune. At least the opponents don't backstab each other. And you can guess along and maybe get it right! Even my 5 year old can play along.

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4/14/11 3:54 P

I would rather look like a shar-pei (which is what I look like now) than an elephant (which is what I used to look like). My doctor thinks it's better health-wise too!

BAYSIDE07 Posts: 7,534
2/28/11 7:25 A

I have read reports from former contestants who have divulged some of the unhealthy purging and dehydrating they do in hopes of winning.

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2/28/11 6:30 A

they workout for 6 to 8 hours a day. Which is really unrealistic. Too many other things to do on any given
day. But I agree with others:you need to keep working
out every day in order to keep off the weight.

RHPSHOW Posts: 43
2/27/11 11:30 P

And if you look carefully at those who 'don't gain' the weight back, there are a LOT of mushroom tops running around hanging over their pants.

What you do has to be sustainable.

And frankly who wants to look like a Shar Pei?

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2/23/11 9:44 A

I love the show, but I don't think it is typical weight loss. I don't think it is healthy to do it by yourself without a doctor or trainer helping you, especially if you do it like they do.

50PLUSBABY Posts: 279
2/23/11 9:44 A

I did not like the idea that the parents made themselves gain weight to save the children too. Way to go red team dad who put in some extra time with daughter and pulled some big numbers at the weigh in.

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2/23/11 8:59 A

I think heavy is more realistic

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2/23/11 8:42 A

They lose weight by counting their calories and exercising 6-8 hours a day. Most of us can't spend 6-8 hours a day exercising and if we could we would probably break something so don't even try without a trainer and a doctor by your side!
I am really aggravated with the black team right now. Those parents who decided to gain weight to "protect their kids" make me sick! Are you kidding me?? Did you notice that nobody on that team lost very much weight? That's because they knew "Mommy/Daddy" was going to take care of them. They need to grow up and stand on their own two feet and take responsibility for their own weight! And the parents need to motivate and encourage them instead of covering for them!! I like the guy on the red team (Samoan guy whose name escapes me.) He knew his daughter was in danger of going home because she has the least amount of weight left to lose. But instead of taking a bullet for her, he got her out of bed early and escorted her to the gym where they both put in an extra workout! And did you notice? Surprise! Surprise! They had the best weigh-ins of the night!! That's what the black team should have done, but they still don't get it emotionally. Every weigh-in they think they are going to lose, but they win and then they act so surprised that they won. They don't trust that what they were doing was working. Now they've put themselves in a hole for next week's weigh-in with all the added pounds. They work hard, but now they need an attitude adjustment! (Sorry to be so long-winded, but I was perturbed all night!)


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2/23/11 7:23 A

Unrealistically! Don't go there. Just look at how many are able to keep it off long term. That should tell you there are NO QUICK FIXES! Low and slow maintains.

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2/23/11 1:21 A

Don't know if I like the way things are going this season, but I am a big fan of the is motivational to me, that there is hope even if you are morbidly obese.

In "my real world" I do at least an hour or 2 hour long workouts most every day (an occ. day off for family time with my kids and hubs), I have a personal trainer on standby, I follow a 1500 cal. diet, and desire a total loss of 50 lbs. I have been losing on average of about 2.5 lbs/week. The show for me reminds me of how good it feels to see your weight drop, even if slowly, when the contestants lose several pounds, I'm right there brimming with happiness for them.

I do admit, last night's show with everyone gaining was a bit odd. I wonder if they checked the scales or if some of them binged or something the night before the weigh in. I will keep watching though, it is inspiring for the most part.

Blessings, Michelle

LIVE_2_KICK Posts: 473
2/22/11 11:12 P

This season of the show is driving me nuts!!!!!!

People are intentionally gaining weight!
And the weeks that they are not, they are having chocolate cake, and candy and pizza thrown in their faces!

PVILLAGO Posts: 1,170
2/16/11 4:49 P

They work out 6hrs a day and of course a chef and their personal trainers.
It is just not realistic in the "real" world... emoticon

COLLOMR Posts: 2,278
2/16/11 4:48 P

Also about the 50% gaining weight back, as quoted by Bob Harper. Is that 50% who become obese again or just regain some weight? I doubt that 50% become obese. I'm sure many do gain some weight after the finale - they try to get a really low weight at that time to win the money. For a lot of them, the finale weight isn't a sustainable weight. Even if half of the contestants regain some pounds, I think they are still overall healthier.

ELISSITA1203 Posts: 33
2/16/11 4:42 P

I love the show but I know that their extreme weight loss is due to the controlled environment. The weight loss is unrealistic but still motivational to me. I wish my only 'job' was to lose weight and eat healthy, but its not.

If nothing else, the show is 2 hours of tv that I can't eat and watch because I just feel too guilty!

COLLOMR Posts: 2,278
2/16/11 4:30 P

Some ways as to how they lose weight that fast:
I also have heard that the "week" is more like 10 to 12 days.
I read the article in Runner's World and it stated that they ate 1200 calories or less.
They are burning way, way more calories than 1200 each day. They must meet a "daily calorie burn" and I heard them discussing it on one episode - something like 4000 calories burned through the many hours of exercise.
I think they follow a lower carb, higher protein type of diet - like a 30/30/40 ratio. They consistently burn more calories than consumed.
I don't know if it's healthy or not. They are supervised by doctors and trainers, aren't they?
I don't think that many or most gain the weight back. A few do, but I think that it is less than half.
Also, all of their food isn't prepared for them - at the Ranch contestants prepare their own, don't they? At least that's what is shown.

MAUREENV2 Posts: 3,853
2/16/11 4:24 P

I agree the methods are harsh, unrealistic for the average person and done to make the game more interesting. I would never try those methods myself. I like being a slowest loser!
All that being said, I still find it inspiring that people who had given up on ever losing weight finally get a handle on it and the tools (hopefully) to change their lives after the game is over.

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2/16/11 4:01 P

I also love the show. I know that it's not typical of what weight loss should be light, but it is motivational to me in seeing these people transform from not being able to walk a mile to running marathons.

There are things I don't like, such as the product placement, but overall, I find it inspirational.

50PLUSBABY Posts: 279
2/16/11 2:02 P

I love the show, it is what motivated me to do something before I get to the size of the contestants. I know I cannot workout as much as they do but it just shows how the human body is strong and can endure the grueling workouts. I also like seing their bodies change as the weeks go by. That gives me hope. At my house everyone knows not to mess with my show. I now record it and watch while I do my workouts in the mornings for motivation.

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2/16/11 8:39 A

While the Biggest Loser concept isn't possible in the real world, it is a captivating TV show. I can't imagine exercising that much and NOT needing to eat to keep my energy up. It's amazing that more of them don't pass out on the machines.

JOCALAT Posts: 1,036
2/16/11 7:23 A

I don't know but I really don't like the two team concept and putting each team against each other...they are missing the point of why they are there. It seems mean spirited this year

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
2/16/11 7:19 A

I'm fasinated with the show. One guy lost 20 lbs this week. I think they seriously restrict their diet and exercise excessively. Not possible in the real world.

BETS44057 Posts: 2,421
2/16/11 5:38 A

too much exercise and a restrictive diet

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2/16/11 12:11 A


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2/15/11 11:12 P

Kalorie-Killah I loved your blog.. My thoughts exactly about the "I don't know ANYBODY who can..."

I have been on the front of magazines- and these people do have the nerve to return.. Lucky I have had balls to stick with it- they will turn up again and I am ready a third time.. It going to cost them more than a free set of photos, clothing and PR if they do this time.. emoticon

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2/15/11 4:33 P

I agree with CHANGINGMYMIND in that I don't understand people scoffing at the 50% statistic. That's still worlds higher than the 5-10% of "real world" weight-losers who keep the weight off.

Yes, these people exercise 8 hours a day and eat fewer calories from healthy food that was purchased for them. Yes, they lose tons of weight very quickly, surrounded by trainers and doctors etc. etc. etc.

But so what? If people watch a GAME SHOW like the Biggest Loser and think that's realistic and healthily doable on their own, it's their own fault for being naive and not taking the time to educate themselves. Anyone who uses a reality TV show as their medical guidance deserves whatever they get.

Besides, I think it's obvious from watching the show that the contestants get a lot more than a physical body makeover. They develop from the inside out. They face their demons. They learn to understand why they're eating when they aren't hungry, and how to begin respecting themselves and their bodies again.

I also believe they're shown ways to eat well and get exercise in once they return to the real world. I've seen segments of this on all the seasons I've watched. I believe the contestants want to change their lives for the better.

Do some of them slip along the way? Sure. Who doesn't? And who are we to judge? But that 50% says something to me, and it's not that they aren't being taught how to take care of themselves.

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2/15/11 2:39 P

I also love watching The Biggest Loser, but when I first heard Bob (in a previous season) trying to console a concerned female participant with, "Just stick to your 1200 calories and burn your 6000," I was stunned. I had to replay it to make sure I heard it correctly. Yeah, it makes sense with the huge numbers we see, but what I don't understand is how they have any energy at all to get through those lengthy, grueling workouts. I exercise moderately for about an hour a day, am nowhere near as heavy as they are, but there is no way I can sustainably maintain my exercise (much less being able to just function all day) on 1200 calories a day. It seriously confuses me to no end. I've been trying to figure it out for months now. They must be running on adrenaline, but there is no way that's a sustainable method. Trust me; I know.

That being said, I think that for some of them, this show saves lives and frees them from their bodies for possibly the first time in their entire lives. If it works with no health ramifications, I say that's great. I just want to know how they are not hungry all the time! emoticon

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2/15/11 2:00 P

It only guarantees you keep it off, if you are responsible and maintain your life as you should. The same goes for the TBL contestants, if they go home and return to eating and no exercise like they did before the show, of course they are going to lose weight. And to me, their weight loss isn't anymore or less healthy than their lives BEFORE the show was. In fact, before the show they were much more UNHEALTHY.

Also, 1-2 lbs a week only works if you can stay focused and motivated. MANY people can't, especially people with 100+ lbs to lose.

I find it odd people want to focus on 50% who lacked the responsibility to maintain their weight loss and instead took all the knowledge the show gave them and did not follow through. Sorry that's not the show's fault, its THEIR FAULT. Do not take responsibility away from these people because they gained it back, those were the excuses they made which got them into the situation to begin with. The show is not responsible for them MAINTAINING, that is the individuals responsibility.

I also find it odd you wouldn't focus on the 50% who kept the weight off and maintained what the show has taught them. THAT IS AN AWESOME PERCENTAGE.

Even for the average person more than 50% of the time people never keep the weight off -- we know this ourselves IF we are honest with ourselves. However, the tools are there - if people fail to utilize them, then its no one's fault but their own.


SPARX1990 Posts: 295
2/15/11 1:12 P

I love the biggest loser but their methods are very extreme. In some episodes I've watched I hear of the team off-ranch only consuming something like 1100 calories per day and working out for 4-6 hours/day. This is very unrealistic in our world because we have lives that aren't focused around the shoe. Also, they have a LOT of weight to lose that comes off more easily for them than for others. Its definitely a motivational show but as far as reality goes...I'd stick to healthy weightloss of around 1-2 pounds per week. That also guarentees you won't gain it back.

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2/15/11 12:39 P

I have a love-hate relationship with The Biggest Loser... I'd write it all here, but I made a blog post about it a while ago, so check that out instead:

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2/15/11 12:37 P

Bob Harper did an interview with the Washington Post two years ago. He was specifically asked how many of the contestants keep the weight off. He said they have a 50% success rate. That means that 50% are unsuccessful and pack the weight back on once they leave the ranch. You'd think a show like the Biggest Loser would have a 100% success rate, but it doesn't. Why ? As you say, it's a game show, not a health show.

You can read his full interview here.

Washington, D.C.: How many of the past contestants are able to keep the weight off. You should really re-visit past contestants more often.

Bob Harper: I always tell people that after you have been on our show, you know how to lose weight and get healthy so if you gain the weight back, it will be a conscious decision on your part. Ignorance in no longer bliss. Our success rate is about 50% which is very well and we are very proud of.

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2/15/11 12:36 P

I'll chime in here :-) Everyone has already said it's not healthy. I haven't read previous replies, not all of them anyway, but when you lose weight that fast and have lots of weight to lose, more than likely you'll have lots of loose skin. Taking it slow (losing 1-2 pounds per week) allows for some of your skin to shrink a little so over time losing weight you won't have as much. Imagine what those people on biggest loser look like under their clothes. Sure that doesn't really matter because you feel great about yourself and are healthy and that's what's most important. But it's just something you end up thinking about anyway.

SHELLYL Posts: 76
2/15/11 12:28 P

It is so not good for them to lose weight that fast that is why they have medical personel on staff at all times. I believe they work out pretty much 6-8+ hours each day!

You would be better off using this site and taking it slowly that to do what the Biggest Loser is not healthy!!!

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2/15/11 12:26 P

The bigger the contestants are the more plastic surgery they will need.. They don't give their skin time to follow through the process and I can only imagine the figure distortion these people have when no one is screaming demands at them anymore..
Put on the weight again- people I known get social phobias about going out in public.. I know one lady whom put her family through hell, she lives on a farm in a isolated area to avoid being steered at..
They showed her have a gastic bypass- followed her at home, a business that failed and when her weight started going back up hanged out in local papers and television..

This whole Circus Jullian and co have created- has done so much harm to healthy weight loss just like Twiggy did.. In the least to her defence she was just a skinny teenager.. These other people should be ashamed of making such a serious social problem area to entertainment..

I don't care about results- these people have so much professional help - well a show that is not deliver dramatic results just doesn't sell folks!

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2/15/11 9:29 A

AND? I mean a lot of you sound very petty, envious and i don't know what - self-pity that they get to do this take a break from their lives for a bit to focus solely on this and you don't. I mean there shouldn't be any well if i was able to do this and that and the other i'd lose a lot of weight too. That just sounds petty. The come out of the show healthier than they have ever been since gaining the weight and people just can't seem to think that is awesome because THEY don't get to do what the contestants do to lose their own weight.

And btw, they don't have their food cooked for them, not this season at the ranch. I never paid attention to the other seasons. But i think they are required to cook their own food, but they have people shop for them.

Sorry but this thread makes me sad, it seems very petty and envious and sniggering and i am so much better than they are because i do it realistically.


2/15/11 9:23 A

It does seem a little unrealistic

2/15/11 9:11 A

They have people who make their foods for them and they do nothing but workout 8 hours a day everyday.If I had that much time in the day and someone to cook healthy foods for me I would lose a bunch of weight too.

2/15/11 8:30 A

First of all, many people don't allow the weight to come back so i am having a hard time where people are arbitrarily stating the weight comes back on to most of the contestants. I am an active fan of the show and i have never remotely heard that nor did i hear any statistics that prove such. Please post your sources if you are going to make arbitrary statements like that. Secondly, i don't get why people want it to be realistic. Is survivor realistic, is the Bachelor, or any other reality based show that are games? Umm no. So why would you need this one to be because its dealing with a topic a lot of people struggle with?

Again, ITS A GAME. People are taken out of their lives to participate in the GAME. While the focus is weight loss and getting them healthy (something NONE of them were doing on their own) its still in the end A GAME. I think a lot of people who down the game are wrong because to me, i'd rather have a game that helps the many people in the world it does (and this game motivates A LOT of people to lose weight) as well as helping the select few who get to be on the show. Also, people HAVE to take responsibility for themselves, if someone chooses to go back to their old lifestyle after being given the tools to maintain their weight loss -- and they are -- then you can't blame the show for that. There are many who keep the weight off, there are some who gain some back, and there are some who gain all of it back. That's NOT the shows fault. The show can only do so much to teach them, the rest needs to come FROM THEM.

The only thing i would change in the show is i wish it was on more lol.

So people can whinge about the show not being real etc, but it never was meant to be REAL that the average person would follow. Its why they don't show a lot of specifics because they don't WANT those who watch the show going hey i wanna do that and follow the show and what they do on the show. If you notice the show is very vague as to exactly what the contestants do, the amount of time of the whole show etc. There is a reason for that.

The way i see it, these people on the show were at the bottom of their lives, this show has given them another chance what they do with that chance is up to them, but i really doubt without the show, these people would ever have gotten another chance becuase they obviously weren't doing it ON THEIR OWN. So knock the show if you need to, talk about how unrealistic it is for the average person, but then stop and think about what the show has given to these people -- a chance they probably never would have created for themselves.

I give kudos to the show, its helped a lot of people including giving motivation to a lot of people NOT on the show.


2/15/11 3:04 A

I like the show but I realize that it's not real. They workout for hours a day. Have a team of trainers, doctors, nutritionist, cooks, and a bunch of other people to help keep them on track every moment. They have no job, no stress, no bills, nothing to worry about. They aren't really living. Once they go home the weight flies back on.

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2/14/11 11:53 P

The losses on the show aren't realistic at all - if none of us had to worry about going to work, cooking, cleaning, taking care of our family, etc we could all work out for 6 hours a day with our own kitchen staff.
Sadly though, it's not the case.

However there is a show on that I really like, and it's called "Village on a Diet" where the premise of the show is to change an entire town's habits. It's not a contest, so you don't get voted off if you don't have the most drastic weight loss, you still have to go to work, take care of your family, do all your own cooking, etc - but they're teaching an entire town how to live a healthy (and realistic) lifestyle.
Everything on that show is much more 'realistic' (as much as reality TV can be), and they experience more normal losses.

2/14/11 9:35 P

I just came across this thread so forgive me if its long over. The biggest loser show does NOT in any way advertise that what the people DO on the show is for an AVERAGE person. They acknowledge that these people are taken OUT Of their normal lives and put in a very contained place -- i.e., the ranch, and are monitored by doctors, workout anywhere from 5-8 hours a day, the show DOES teach them how to eat as they are required to do their own cooking, however, they don't focus on that for the TV spot. The weigh ins are pretty much weekly of you watch the show they say many times how many weeks they have been on the ranch and it usually is pretty consistant with what week the show is. They are usually on the ranch for i think 16 -18 weeks, not six months, then they go home usually for 3-6 months. I believe from beginning to end is approximately 8-10 months total. I do believe some seasons are longer than others.

I think people are giving the show a bad rap because they are thinking that the show is trying to portray weight loss for the average person and its not -- ITS A GAME!! A game that speaks of a subject very close to many people's hearts but it can't help what people believe when they watch the show. The clearly advocate that this is NOT for the average person, these people are contained in isolation from family and friends and their daily lives, and the weight that they lose is monitored by physicians every minute.

I love the show, not because i think i can DO what they do -- unless i quit my job and leave my life for 4 months to work out all day, but because they are taking very unhealthy and people who have pretty much given up and helped them turn their lives around and give them the "second chance" many people wish they had. If people watching can't see beyond their own unrealistic expectations and desires its really not the TV shows issue its theirs. ITS A GAME, and just like every other reality show TV, its a concept of extreme to WIN the game.

Okay i am getting off my soapbox now lol changing

POMIKAB1 Posts: 67
1/18/11 4:13 P

When I first started on here, I lost 10 pounds my first & second week but I think that was because I did a fast my first week and a colon cleanse & detox my second week. I wanted to cut out meat and white starches. Now it is mostly 4 pounds because I exercise more and eat no white carbs, cut down to just chicken and seafood and started taking Dance. I think that first week was mostly water weight. I have no idea how they lose 10 pounds a week though but it looks like the bootcamp is pretty harsh.

BROADBRUSH Posts: 1,806
1/18/11 3:56 P

forget the biggest loser and what they portray as achievable - it is just shock TV - i have said it many times before and so have tons of other sparkers.
the newest show 'heavy' is a lot more realistic. they do have a 'place to go for 30 days' but then they send the participants NOT CONTESTANTS - back to their real life, give them a trainer and a diet plan and nutritionist for five more months. in one show you see from day one to the 181st day (six months) and THAT IS MUCH MORE REALISTIC. there is still a lot of working out with a real schedule etc as you can imagine - lots of discipline is involved.
but having said that - do what is going to REMAIN YOUR LIFESTYLE - what you can live with FOREVER otherwise those pounds will forever be waiting to come right back on and even more!! BB

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1/18/11 3:45 P

That is why I strongly dislike that show. I think it sets up highly unrealistic expections for people watching at home. I also think it's an unhealthy way to lose weight, and probably not sustainable over time (who can keep working out hours a day when they get back to their real lives?). I also don't believe in making weight loss a contest since we all lose at different rates just because of the way our bodies are. That show seems to be more like an eating disorder to me than a healthy lifestyle change! But, anything for ratings, right?

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1/18/11 3:43 P

No, those losses are NOT typical. Most people do not lose that kind of weight that fast without medical issues arising as a result.

here's the thing about the Biggest Loser. While the shows are shown once a week, the amount of time that passed in reality is longer. I forget how many eps the show is, but the actual time spent on the ranch is around six months. So that much time is compressed into X amount of shows.

So, in reality, while they are still losing large amounts of weight in a short time, it's not a week.

Also, keep in mind that these people were specifically chosen because they were morbidly obese. Some one with a lot of weight to lose will lose pretty quickly initially. However, you notice over the course of the shows, those dramatic weight losses do slow down the closer these folks get to a more normal weight.

Personally, I'm not a fan of the show any more because they have been picking bigger and bigger and bigger people for the show. I think the show is more focused on the "big" reveal than they are with a person's health. Keeping in mind that Bob Harper once said in an interview with the Washington Post that 50% of the contestants on the show gain the weight back. If the show was really about getting healthier, then they should be helping people to keep the weight off.

CUDA440 SparkPoints: (85,269)
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1/18/11 3:32 P

last weeks show they were reporting how many calories they had already burned and it was still early. Most were over 4,000 calories BURNED, they go from WAY Overeating to about 1500 calories a day. It's a bit drastic, but still great to watch.


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1/18/11 2:19 P

There was an article about the contestants on the Biggest Loser in last month's Runner's Magazine. According to the article, most of the exercise they do is aerobic, almost all of it running, or at the beginning doing intervals, on a treadmill. They do something like that for at 4 hours, and then they do weight lifting with the trainers, as well. On top of that, the contestants can choose to work out more on their own time, as well. The article said that one contestant would get up in the morning, go for a 2 hour walk, do the 6 hour work out at the gym, eat dinner, and then run/walk two miles!
They also monitor their calorie intake, and they eat about 1200 calories a day, mostly coming from veggies so they can still eat a lot and feel full.
I thought that article was really interesting, but I prefer my slow weight loss than having out for over 6 hours a day.

1/18/11 12:21 P

No, it's not safe for the average person to lose weight that fast. The people on that show are exercising somewhere around 6 hours a day, and sometimes they work out, puke, then work out again. NOT SAFE.

These folks on the show also have all their food prepared for them, every bite monitored. Most real-world people do not have a team of doctors, dieticians, and trainers living with them 24/7.

Also - you might want to research how many of the Biggest Losers end up regaining the weight they lose. Most of them rebound on the weight gain because nobody can keep up this kind of extreme weight loss lifestyle once they get out of the controlled environment.

Safe weight loss that you actually do have a chance of keeping off is 1-2lbs per week. The less you have to lose, though, the slower it comes off. This is because the closer you get to a healthy weight for your size, the more your body wants to keep some fat as an insurance policy against future famine or disease. So you are literally fighting your body's survival instinct the closer you get to a healthy weight and losing those last "cosmetic" pounds.

The Biggest Loser is supposed to be dramatic and a-typical. It is definitely not the norm and in most cases is not safe.

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From my understanding of the show, when they say "one week" they mean one week from the previous episode's air date, not a literal one week on the ranch (1 week between episodes could equal 2-3 weeks on the ranch). I think the show is an inspiration, but these people are taken out of their normal lives to a place where they can focus only on eating healthy (with a fridge that is stocked with healthy options instead of cookies and chips that they probably have at home) and a full gym where they workout for a good, long time. They also have a good amount to lose. Most of them come from completely seditary lives to ones where they are working out for hours.

Do I think it's healthy though? No. I don't think seeing people losing huge amounts of weight in very short periods is ever healthy. But also remember that it is only the first couple of weeks. They start to drop down to around 5-ish pounds as the show grows to a close. Also, it is a competition to lose the most weight, so everyone is pushed to do more than they guy next to them so they don't get voted off.

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This is the first time I have watched biggest loser. I was watching with my boyfriend and we were watching the weigh in at -10 and -13 pounds for some contestants. I looked at him and said is that for one week? Or a month? He said a week! Wow, if I can lose that in a week then in 2 weeks I will be at my goal. How do they do that? I watched them exercise and whatever but does anyone know how long and if they eat a certain amount? Is it safe to lose that fast?

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