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6/3/13 6:39 P

very difficultly. I've gained and lost the same 20 pounds annually for about 5 years now. TIRED of it

All the so called "secrets of success"will not work ... unless you do.

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6/3/13 4:05 P

Hi all, I am a spark member since August of 2012. Love this website. I've lost 101 pounds. Still have about 75 to go before I hit my "magic" number. Not that I am counting on the number. It is just a number after all.. The question to all the other peeps, what do you do to stay motivated when you are plateauing or look in the mirror and just feel "meh"? I don't want to backslide but in this age of instant gratification sometimes it's difficult to keep the big picture in mind.

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