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1/23/13 4:50 P

I talk to myself and treat myself as my most cherished and appreciated friend. emoticon

AIMEE1983 Posts: 61
1/23/13 3:45 P

I was recently asked to be a pinner for the Health and Fitness board on Pinterest! I agree, it is great for motivation!

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1/23/13 3:40 P

I have a theme to my quest - Turn Back the Clock (Thanks Dr. Bob Arnot)

I have dedicated 2013 to turning back the hands of time and getting back in shape. I want to turn back the hands of my biological clock to when I was 20 years old. Back to when I had single-digit body fat, my resting heart rate was 56, my blood pressure was 116/68, and I could swim for 2 hours, work all day, then swim for 2 more hours.

I have an in-home gym. In my gym I have a place I call the Ego-Wall. I have my workouts on dry erase boards, my motivational pictures hanging on the wall above them, a pair of cargo shorts with a 32-inch waist tacked to the wall between them and a full length mirror. Next to the mirror is a picture of me when I was a 20 year old cheerleader in college.

I stay motivated by looking at that wall several times a day as well as reading several chapters from motivational books I keep in my personal library.

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1/23/13 1:43 P

Reading SP articles, taking polls, tracking food and exercise and the strong links I've made with a number of Spark Friends.

STARDUST2K4 Posts: 1,346
1/23/13 11:50 A

I too am in love with pintrest. That website has SO many interesting DIY's on there. I've actually got poster board from the summer of last year where I made a box for each Thursday until my Birthday (August 22nd) of this year, but the funny thing is I Never filled it out, nor have I since unrolled it and hung it up since moving. I'm thinking about using the other side of it to do something else motivational with it. I always say I'll do it, and I'll get around to it, but it just never seems to happen.

I have tomorrow off from school. I think I'll take it out and do something with it. :)

HEZZYLUNA Posts: 129
1/23/13 11:26 A

I a Pinterest-aholic, I'll go to the Health and Fitness Category while I watch TV and pin pin pin.

Anyways, I've seen a lot of "DIY" interactive sort of stuff people have come up for motivation and inspiration. For instance, I saw one where someone used clothes pins on two different horizontal strings, one on top and one on the bottom- the top set of clothes pins illustrated how many pounds they have to lose, the bottom string shows how many lost. That's my favorite so far I think.

I've seen whole walls dedicated to inspirational quotes; "dream boards" displaying pictures of outfits and swim suits and stuff they strive to fit into. Stuff like that- something you see every day, and maybe even something you interact with as you go (like the clothes pin one).

Since there are so many wonderful, inspirational people on SP, I was wondering if anyone here does any motivational stuff like that? I think I'm going to try one of these, and I'd love to hear more ideas.


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