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1/1/13 3:06 P

MELITORRES22, get a Walk at Home DVD from Leslie Sansone. My favorite is Leslie Sansone Walk At Home 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk. She has oodles of DVDs from which to choose. Check out her website at Also, weather permitting, your 19 month old would greatly benefit from seeing the sights outdoors. Strap him into the stroller and go! Personally, I would not count daily routine as exercise. It's just what you do anyway, so it's a wash. It's not above and beyond. Besides my beloved Sparkpeople, Leslie has helped bring me to goal and sustain me there. Also, you must use the Nutrition Tracker. You will never reach goal without it. As the Nutrition Tracker helps you lose the weight, exercise sculpts your body along the way.

Sparkpeople is definitely the place to be! It's a community chuck full of like minds sharing sage advice, knowledge, and wisdom.

Happy New Year. Spark On!

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1/1/13 12:22 P

Mental Math Maybe

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12/31/12 11:21 A

Good luck! Maybe a Walk Away the Pounds DVD would help you!

12/30/12 6:22 P

Get a pedometer! Cheap and easy.

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12/30/12 4:39 P

I agree that exercise has to last a certain amount of time (5-10 minutes) to count. Maybe you could go for walks with your baby in a stroller?

As for a step goal, could you get a cheap pedometer? They are usually only about $5-10, or are sometimes even given away for free.

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12/30/12 11:40 A

Gosh, that is kinda hard to track. If it was me, I would probably only track activities that last at least 10 minutes each time. That might be easy to do with dancing, but may not be as exciting just walking around. Maybe take the stroller and go outside for 10 minute (or more increments)? Wishing you the best!

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12/30/12 6:31 A

I don't leave the apt often cuz I really don't have anywhere to go, especially with no car. My walking is done inside, walking from our bedroom to the kitchen, back to the bedroom or the living room. I don't know how big our apt is, so I can't give sq footage, sorry. I "chase" after our 19 month old (he's a good 35/40 lbs btw, so picking him up is a plus I guess u can say)as often as I can, when my knees aren't hurting. That is my other way of walking around the apt.
I also dance sometimes dance with the baby as my way of exercising too.
I'm trying to stay as active as I can so that I keep motivated to lose weight. But how do I track all of that on here in regards to steps taken, things like that? I'm still new to this site, so as much help and motivation I get I appreciate.


Melinda Caballero Torres

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