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8/26/13 7:19 A

Yeah, it's definitely tough with intervals especially when they deviate from the exercises Spark has in the tracker (like Nicole's jump rope intervals). Personally, I use that one to time my intervals and I like staring at a screen while I workout. :/ I follow it basically but I jog in the spot during rest intervals and push really hard through active intervals.

I found that according to my heart rate I was burning quite a bit more than Spark indicates for that video, especially after my first 5-10 mins (I do a total of 30 mins). For 30 mins I burn around 300 cals according to my average heart rate and Spark says I burn 240 cals so I just use an average between the two, 280 cals. I'd rather underestimate than overestimate.

Nothing is going to be completely accurate when it comes to calories burned... it's all just estimates really but I did suspect I was burning more than Spark indicated I was because I work in the 75-85% of my max heart rate.

Use slow jumping if you average in the 65-75%, use fast jumping if you average in the 75%+ zone.

Slow jumping burns 80 cals/10 mins (keep in mind I'm using my weight)
Fast jumping burns 100 cals/10 mins

Wow. Cool, never checked this out before but that perfectly aligns with my estimate for cals burned based on my average heart rate. Fast jumping = 300 cals/30 mins. Which is what my heart rate calculator gave me. I guess I'll just use Spark's "Fast Jump Rope" instead of "Coach Nicole's Jump Rope" video to track.

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8/25/13 7:02 P

I second the HRM recommendation. When I don't use mine (b/c I don't have it with me, or whatever), I just enter the exercise in as one time and pace. I know it isn't all that accurate to do it that way, but it's less of a hassle.

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8/25/13 3:49 P

Honestly, when it comes to intervals, the easiest way to do it is to invest in a heart rate monitor with a chest strap. Anything else is just going to be an estimate, and while even an HRM is just an estimate, it's more accurate than anything you'll get outside of a lab.

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8/25/13 3:36 P

So I've found, on SparkPeople, that 10 minutes of fast jumping burns 182cals and 10 mins slow jumping burns 162 cals. How do I evaluate the time I spend jumping though?

What I mean is - I rest for 30secs after 50 slow jumps and then rest 60secs after 100 fast jumps, to complete a total of 1000 fast jumps and 550 slow jumps. At the end of the workout I find that I've usually been at it for 35mins in all (that is including the secs when I was resting).

In tracking my exercise do I track this as 35 mins (since my heart rate never quite returns to resting) or as 10mins fast and 10 mins slow? Hope this makes sense?

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