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BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
11/28/13 3:18 P

Chicken skin is amazing, and I'll never give it up! If it's the worst thing on my plate then I'm doing better than most!


FTSOLK Posts: 1,391
11/28/13 9:42 A

You know, I wasn't even THINKING about Turkey when i posted this. I have turkey maybe once a year, so I've never concerned myself over the calories in it.

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
11/28/13 9:21 A

@ HONEYLISSABEE - you're absolutely correct in the statement that there's been no proof of saturated fats contributing to CVD. The research they quote for those recommendations lumped saturated fats together with trans-fats, and it's the latter which were the problem from the outset. Healthy animal (yes, saturated!) fats aren't the killers we're led to believe. In fact, cholesterol itself is a surrogate conclusion, since what they're looking for is what causes CVD, and those risk factors are for homocysteine levels, not TChol. Animal fats, WHOLE milk, bacon, butter... none of those are harmful to CV health. Don't let them alarm you. ;-)

I find a lot of good nutritional data at
The format can be a bit confusing, as you've already seen. I believe those listings are based upon the USDA standards, which state a lot of "yields-from."
Here's a link to their "turkey leg, with skin, bone removed":

This does say "yield from," but it also lists the gram weight, which you should be able to measure or estimate.

If you're off a small amount, I think it hardly matters unless you're eating a bushel of turkey legs! LOL

Happy T-day. Hope you survive those yummy drumsticks! me some skin

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NIRERIN Posts: 14,210
11/28/13 8:14 A

check . they also use usda info, but they spell out exactly what is included where spark doesn't. i think you should be able to find what you want there.

FTSOLK Posts: 1,391
11/28/13 8:03 A

Thing is, there is no evidence that saturated animal fats and/or dietary cholesterol have any negative influence on your body's cholesterol. In fact, everything I have seen says consuming fat is the best way to raise HDL.

I refuse to give up chicken skin. Just like I refuse to give up whole eggs, whole milk, and other full-fat dairy items.

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,194
11/28/13 7:15 A

I loved it to until my cholesterol and triglycerides went up....I no longer eat chicken skin.
Most fats that you can see such as fat on a steak or in chicken skin are triglycerides....and when you eat, your body converts any calories it doesn't need to use right away into triglycerides. Then they are carried by the bloodstream and stored in your fat cells.

Chicken skin could lead to high cholesterol levels which can make exercise and losing weight more difficult...the skin of chicken contains most of the fat content...removing the skin can also decreases the chance of heart disease and even some types of cancer. Instead maybe season your chicken with spices.

For optimal health and for those interested in weight loss, remove chicken skin before eating.
If you chose to eat the skin be aware that high triglycerides and poor cholesterol can raise your risk of heart disease....this is created over time, so while you are young it is important to have a healthy diet and not set yourself up for problems later in life.

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FTSOLK Posts: 1,391
11/28/13 1:21 A

I suppose that will work, though it isn't ideal simply because the Costco chicken does have sugar and other ingredients.

My other option is to take the chicken skin entry from MFP and log the skin separately. Chicken skin is actually one of my favorite foods (I've been known to use the tongs to peel the skin off the chicken at my favorite buffet). I never just bite into a drumstick. I HAVE to peel the skin off and eat it separately, so it would be a possibility for drumsticks and thighs. I'll just separate it and weigh it before I eat. Not a huge deal- and eventually, I'll be able to figure out the average portion of skin on a drumstick.

Wings are going to be trickier, which is a shame because I just discovered that wings cooked in the air fryer (no oil) and tossed with a tablespoon or so of raspberry honey mustard pretzel dip are AMAZING.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
11/27/13 11:16 P

Search the database using keywords "Costco Drumstick" - someone has kindly put in the nutritional values for various bits and pieces of one of their deli rotisserie chickens. The measurement will say "4 ounces" which is about what a typical costco rotisserie chicken drumstick weighs (inclusive of skin and bone). I figure the value given is "close enough" for my journalling purposes.

I eat the skin, too. No reason not to, if you're accounting for it in your overall daily intake. There's only just so much skin on a drumstick...

(oh yeah, if you want a quick chicken-wing entry, "Costco Rotisserie Wing" will bring you to a database item you can use.)

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FTSOLK Posts: 1,391
11/27/13 9:31 P

Ok, I know that eating chicken skin is one of the top sins of a "healthy diet." (full fat milk and regular bacon are also in that list), but I'll pick a drumstick with skin over a boneless, skinless, chicken breast anyway.

So, I figured if I have a drumstick (or two) for dinner, I'll weigh the cooked drumstick before, and bones after to figure out how much it weighs. Makes sense.

But the entry for drumstick gives 3 options:

1 drumstick, bone and skin removed
1 unit (yield from 1 lb ready-to-cook chicken) (Huh?! What's the difference?)

So, measuring in grams would be my best choice, but is that the grams of the meat itself- not the skin or bone, or is it the entire drumstick as a whole?

The same thing applies to things like chicken thighs and wings. Yes, they may be higher in fat, but I also find them to be more filling than a boneless, skinless piece of white meat.

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