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RENESEY Posts: 371
5/8/10 10:50 A

I think the key is finding something you real enjoy (like exercising, reading, puzzles) so you can indulge yourself with that when you're alone instead of with food...

Good Luck emoticon

LINCHRA Posts: 201
5/8/10 9:20 A

Hmm.I kinda have a similar situation. When I'm around people, I'm very conscious of how much I eat because I don't want to look like a pig. But when I'm by myself I tend to eat a lot more (even binge) because no one is there to see it or hold me accountable. I wouldn't call mine lonely eating, because I'm not eating because I'm lonely. I'm eating because I can't feel embarassed. I've already realized that my problems are due to my people-pleasing and wanting people to have a good opinion of me.

5/8/10 9:11 A

When I'm alone (which I am a lot!) I have a tendency to overeat...even binge. But when I'm with people I do really great. How do I overcome my "lonely" eating?

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