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EELPIE Posts: 2,700
1/26/14 10:17 P

How is your situation now? Do you have access to your own food and are you able to cook?

Have you had access to health care recently? If not, you need a full physical.

I found this on the internet (I never heard of resetting your metabolism before)

And actually, the things suggested are just common sense approaches to nutrition (#4 I dunno about...) but the main message was time + consistency.

I wish you all the luck in the world.

STRANGER70127 Posts: 407
1/26/14 9:43 P

I share $6.00 food stamps with my sister every day
and catch the free church meals when I can.

We get snacks at Duane Reade or CVS pharmacy a lot.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (247,002)
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9/27/13 12:04 A

With your current weight, and given how you have been living the last year or so, I would be inclined to make an appointment with your Dr for a complete physical, and ask for a referral to a Registered Dietitian to help you reach your goals. If cost is a factor, please let me know, because I can provide a few very good links to help you access free/cheap Dr/Prescriptions etc.

Good luck,

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (197,096)
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9/26/13 2:32 P

Online Now  • ))

I know there has been a lot of talk on the internet about reseting a person's metabolism, but that is not an easy thing. When a person is homeless, they have to get food where they can. Some kind person might give them a donut, some cookies or a sandwich. The fact is, even if you were only eating 700 or so calories a day, you were probably very badly malnourished.

Can you lose weight and regain your health ? YES. but... it's going to take a very long time. Do you have access to good medical care now ? When is the last time you had a physical ? The first thing I recommend to anyone who wants to lose a lot of weight is to go to their doctor and get a full physical. Find out what your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar are. Those are very important. You might be diabetic. If so, that will effect what you eat.

So, let's not worry too much about resetting your metabolism. Instead, let's concentrate on making some simple changes that will slowly ease you and your body into a healthier routine.

Because you were homeless and malnourished, you really should be working with a doctor. Spark People can only do so much. Your doctor can help you do more.

For now ? one thing you might do is add INDYGIRL to your list of spark friends. at her highest weight, she weighed over 460+ pounds. that was two years ago. today, she's half that weight. If anyone understands how difficult it is to lose with physical limitiations, she does.

You're going to have to learn to take baby steps literally and figuratively. Every little bit will make a difference, but I really do encourage you to start by getting a full physical done. Don't be afraid to talk to a doctor. they are there to help.

DJHARLEYQ SparkPoints: (7,194)
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9/26/13 1:27 P

I have been homeless for a year. By my calculations, I've only eaten about 700 calories a day and have burned roughly 600 each day from the walking that I have done. A year ago, I was over 400 pounds and I'm still over 400 lbs. By my calculations I should be like 200 lbs lighter.

I'm really depressed about this. How do I reset my metabolism? Can I reset my metabolism? Or am I doomed to be this size forever?

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