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5/17/11 5:20 P

A good plan. If you have a sleep partner, you will want to get some information from this person to share with your doctor. Things like tossing, turning, snoring, sleep sounds, etc. As a dietitian, I refer folks often to the sleep lab---often based on what the sleep partner is sharing.

LMESSER1 Posts: 6
5/17/11 4:08 P

Thanks Becky. I have an appointment with my doctor in June and will try what you suggested. I appreciate your comments!

5/14/11 11:04 A

Your first stop is a visit to your doctor and a discussion about the need for a complete SLEEP EVALUATION. You may be getting 7-8 hours of sleep, but is it QUALITY, uninterrupted sleep. MANY people who are overweight/obese have sleep disorders due to the excessive weight. From what you are sharing...I suggest that you see your doctor FIRST!
Dietitian Becky

REDPEPPERS Posts: 18,885
5/13/11 10:11 P

If you are sleepy during the day, you may need more sleep at night. I saw that you said you slept 6 - 7 hours at night, but you may need 8. Other than that, I agree with watching your carb intake. Try to avoid simple carbs like sugary foods, pasta, white bread, etc, and make sure you consume some protein, fiber and healthy fat with your carbs. The protein, fiber and fat will help moderate your blood sugar increase and can help minimize the sleepiness. But please try sleeping a bit more at night and see how that affects your daytime sleepiness.

LMESSER1 Posts: 6
5/13/11 5:21 P

Thanks. That recipe sounds good to me too :-) I'll try it.

MATREXX Posts: 579
5/13/11 5:13 P

I have the same thing if I eat too many carbs. I'm fine with half cup of rice or quinoa but no pasta.

For lunch I make slow cooker lentil and sausage stew (subbing ham cause I don't want to cook sausage!):

It is low cal high fiber and yummy. I make a big batch then freeze individual servings. I boost the protein and fat in my lunch by adding a hard boiled egg and half avocado. Keeps me full for about 3.5 hrs.

DRACIL Posts: 144
5/13/11 5:08 P

I'd say you actually can, and would even recommend it (I don't count veggies as my carbs though). But Sparkpeople prefers Conventional Wisdom for its diet advice.

That said, if you want to stick with SP's recommendations, you might be able to just avoid carbs for lunch and balance that for dinner.

For me, I had a bunch of romaine lettuce (with some mayo), an egg, and a couple pieces of chicken for my lunch.

LMESSER1 Posts: 6
5/13/11 5:01 P

Thanks for your input. So what do you suggest I eat then? I can't just eat protein only for all my meals - that doesn't sound healthy either.

DRACIL Posts: 144
5/13/11 4:49 P

I notice missing from your list is "no carbs".

Carbs spike your blood sugar, so your body produces insulin to remove it as that much is toxic to your system, which leads to you having too little blood sugar, and then you get drowsy.

It's the same sugar crash after a sugar high from eating candy.

LMESSER1 Posts: 6
5/13/11 4:39 P

It seems that it doesn't matter what or when I eat - all carbs, mix of carbs &
protein, or only simple carbs - within 20 minutes at the latest, I am so sleepy,
I can hardly stay awake :-( That is especially difficult at work because I am nodding at my computer. Then I try to snack or drink coffee to keep myself awake :-(
I get 6-7 hrs of sleep a night, but I often feel the need to take a nap - sometimes even at 10 a.m. but mostly in the afternoon around 2 or 2:30 p.m. because I can hardly stay awake. Sitting at a computer, I am sure, doesn't help, but it is really starting to affect my life.
Do you have any suggestions please?? Thank you!

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