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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 16,196
1/16/13 3:45 P

Here's the official Spark answer to that...

REYNINGSUNSHINE SparkPoints: (20,376)
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1/16/13 3:34 P

Track that under "circuit training" unless you have a HRM. Honestly, I'd invest in a HRM if you do things like that often, because the actual calorie burn fluctuates a lot depending on the intensity of the cardio and how the circuit is set up. Otherwise, most DVDs are circuit training, and that's a good enough estimate.

VBRAGA429 Posts: 1
1/16/13 3:24 P

How do I log a workout dvd that is not sparkpeople? Its Chalene Extreme Burn Circuit 1..... I have no idea how many calories it burns and its a mix of strength.

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