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11/16/13 3:26 P

If I am using foods others have entered, I make sure to look for ones that aren't in UK measurements (e.g. grams). I have no idea what 100 g of anything looks like. Well, 100 g of FOOD anyway emoticon

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11/14/13 2:12 A

The best way to know how many grams you are eating is to buy a kitchen scale and weigh your food. You can get one at a store like Target, Walmart, etc. or online (e.g. Amazon) for about $25.

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Instead of using what other members have entered, unless it's a brand name product and standard serving size, I enter my own foods and save them as my Favorites. If you want to do this go to the Track your Food section. Under the Search section there is a box and a Search button, underneath the button is a link to Enter food not listed. Click on this link and then you can enter all the info for the foods you eat. When I'm entering a food I start with the brand name or restaurant name. Then what the food is followed by anything I've done to make it different. For an example if I go to McDonald's I have a McDouble in my favorites as: McDonald's McDouble - plain, no bun, no condiments. I don't really go out to fancy restaurants but I always search online to see what nutrition info is available and if there is a way to customize it to how I want to eat it. It may take some time to enter your foods but just be sure to save them and when you select them for the meal you are entering save them again to your Favorites so they'll be there in the future.

I hope this helps, good luck on your journey to a healthier you!


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The actual easiest: buy one of those nice little one pound kitchen scales! You can often find them at a Thrift Store for cheap....

I use mine frequently for meats and veggies especially. Something like a Stuffed pepper, I would probably take the time to enter the recipe into the Recipe Calculator though: you put in quantities of ingredients and # servings, and it will give you calories/serving.

If you are using an entry that someone else has put in though---you are "locked in" to what they set it up as (grams, cups, "1 serving", ounces, etc) You can however put in a different quantity such as 0.5 serving, or 0.5 cups, etc... but just can't change the designator.

Good Luck, and Happy Sparking!! Welcome to a wonderful Journey!!

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You could either figure out how many ounces you are eating and convert it to grams:

Or try to figure out how many cups (or portions of a cup)of each item are in it and convert it to grams, which is a bit more difficult:


You could find a recipe in the recipe section here and use it much easier!

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11/13/13 1:37 P

Can anyone tell me how to keep track of How many Grams I am Eating.
Example: I am eating Stuffed Green Peppers and they want to know how many Grams I have eaten? I have no clue on how many Grams! Really Frustrating!

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