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60SIXTY Posts: 25,073
7/25/09 7:24 A

I am a nurse and never heard it called that.
We just called it a pendulous apron or something similar.

I see your weight loss goal. If it isn't too bad, it may reduce by losing the weight. However, I am only familiar with removal by surgery. I have read articles and a book about people who required that. I think it depends on your individual & hereditary skin condition.

DONNAMITE81 Posts: 33
7/25/09 5:30 A

This is embarrassing to me me but i need help, so i'm gonna just ask. I have what they call a "mothers apron". It is fat that hangs off the lower part of you abdomen. Mine is not horribly bad but it is not good either. I have seen women with far worse than mine where it actually effects their walking. I need to know some exercises that will help me with this area. Unfortunately when i gained weight it was mostly in my belly, i look pregnant :( But my weight in the trunk of my body. Does any one know how to work this "mothers apron" off? Has anyone ever had successfully worked it off? (without abdominalplasty)

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