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ADZY86 Posts: 1,150
11/29/12 7:49 A

This is going to sound a bit backward, but I find that the more starchy carbs I eat for dinner, the more I crave carbs later in the evening. Carbs cause cravings for me, so I try and limit my dinners to protein, lots and lots of vegetables and some good fats, and then I'm usually fine.

Hope you find something that works.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (246,581)
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11/29/12 1:18 A

Probably one of the BEST things that you can tell yourself at this moment is that you won't have it now, that you will have it later! (later doesn't actually come!) You CAN do this - have faith in yourself!

You KNOW that when you have managed to get through this so successfully you will be so very proud of yourself, and it might even make it easier to deal with another time when this craving comes to you!

BIG hugs,

ICANDOIT2! Posts: 30
11/29/12 1:03 A

I am trying to right now and its getting really hard. I want chips or hot pocket or something, HELP me please Sparkers!!

MELBBART Posts: 892
11/8/12 11:55 A

When I get cravings at night I just go to bed earlier. I forget about being hungry once I'm asleep, and then I get a little extra sleep too. This probably doesn't help much if you're a night owl though.

MFREEB29 SparkPoints: (1,177)
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11/8/12 9:15 A

Thanks for the tips everyone!

MFREEB29 SparkPoints: (1,177)
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Posts: 6
11/8/12 9:14 A

Thanks Kris! I do use the nutrition tracker, and I noticed yesterday and I didn't meet my goal for carbs.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (246,581)
Fitness Minutes: (41,336)
Posts: 26,767
11/8/12 2:54 A

This sometimes happens when people don't eat enough, or eat enough protein during the day.

Are you using your Nutrition Tracker? If so, it is one of the best ways to find out what is going on. You can see what your carbs/fat/protein ratio is like and if you are eating enough during the day. It will give you the ability to make more informed choices so that you don't have the night-time cravings.

I ALWAYS have a snack before bed - it always has some protein in it. If I have carbs, it is generally a piece of banana, sometimes with a low-fat yoghurt, or a piece of toast - a higher fibre/protein, but lower fat/sodium content. Just factor it into your daily intake and then you won't have to worry.


BRITOMART Posts: 8,145
11/8/12 12:31 A

I plan those carbs right into my day's numbers. Then they aren't a wreck, but my way of doing things.

NIKKIG3 Posts: 1,663
11/7/12 11:54 P

I'm a late carb eater myself and this is a tough habit for me. But since it has been cold where I am (NYC) I found that drinking a nice tea of my choice with creamer a bit of sugar to taste is a great evening treat.

Its warm and cozy and it usually works for me.

MFREEB29 SparkPoints: (1,177)
Fitness Minutes: (256)
Posts: 6
11/7/12 10:23 P

Thanks! I like the thought of saving half of my dinner for right before I go to bed, I'm definitely trying that tomorrow. Thanks for the tips! :)

JHISEROTE SparkPoints: (8,887)
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Posts: 209
11/7/12 10:20 P

I usually eat right into the night. I stay up pretty late but I find that I never eat all my calories for the day even by 8 or 9pm sometimes. So, I am still snacking on healthy stuff right up until I go to sleep. I've read that you should stop eating by 8pm but I'd much rather eat until 12am than be under my calorie range. I still eat healthy though...fruits, veggies...and popcorn is one of my frequent snacks at night especially since I'm usually watching tv or I'm on the Internet. I don't know whether or not you are at your calorie range by the time you are craving something at night but I'd say to try to eat healthy even if you do go over your range or save some of your calories for nighttime snacking. One of my favorite snacks when I am craving chocolate is fruit (apples, fresh pineapples, strawberries) with 2 T. Nutella...that stuff is just delicious and it just hits the spot! Also, I find that if I eat every 2-3 hours, my blood sugars stay stable and I don't have the bad cravings or overeat at meals. Another thing you could try is to eat only half of your dinner and then save the other half later when your cravings strike. Good luck!!!

P.S. I also hate it when people tell me to drink more water when I'm hungry, it don't work...when I'm hungry, no water is going to satisfy my cravings! lol

MFREEB29 SparkPoints: (1,177)
Fitness Minutes: (256)
Posts: 6
11/7/12 10:03 P

They're awful - my nighttime cravings are usually why my diets get off track. And don't tell me to just drink a glass of water because that doesn't help!

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