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1/9/14 10:31 A

Go to your spark page and click the option to edit it and just change the option that makes it private or public. You can always go back and make it private again.

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1/7/14 2:09 P

I sent her a private message. I normally have my page set to private. How do I open it back up at least for a few days so she can find me and friend me?

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1/7/14 12:31 P

You can put her user name into the search bar. She should turn up in a search. If for some reason that doesn't work, she can always friend you first.

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TRUCKERWIFE2 SparkPoints: (19,688)
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1/7/14 12:22 P

I found out one of my friends from school joined and she gave me her user name. How do I find her to friend her?

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