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11/23/12 3:46 P

Coach Nancy,
I totally agree! I forgot that fat takes longer to burn than weight itself. I've already changed my calorie settings because the settings that i had before were not realistic for me. I am more interested in losing the fat rather than the weight. What I think I need to do is come up with a goal for my weight loss. Without a goal, I think I'm going to continue eating the way I do. Is it possible to somehow lose weight fast if substituted sugar for something else? This is not a realistic question but I am asking because I've wanted to lose my tummy for so long and I think the reason I didn't was because I didn't realize that weight loss was also a mental part of weight loss. If I didn't avoid the cravings, then it wouldn't do any good. I don't think I need to completely ignore all sugars and carbs but I do need a mindset where I can control over what I eat especially when I'm stressed. Some people have learned to completely cut sugar out of their life. I don't think I can do that because I think I need to take it slow. What do you think?

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11/23/12 10:28 A

Hi JACA1991,

If you go to your Start Page and under the pounds lost section in your My Goals and Progress column (in orange) and click on the Change Goal link, you will then be able to enter in all your new data and SparkPeople will generate a calorie range based on your information.

Like I mentioned, when one is at a healthy weight for one's height it is going to take longer to get to one's desired weight. Remember there is no standard goal weight...the reality is, our weight is just that, the number tells how much we weigh. The one thing it can't tell us is how fit we are. If you are at a healthy body composition for your height (let's say 22%) lose 'weight' would require you to lose lean body mass (bone, connective and organ tissue)--losing weight and losing fat are not inclusive. Losing fat while one is currently at a healthy weight is going to take much longer and will not occur by cutting out calories alone, but by including a well-rounded strength training and cardio program.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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11/23/12 2:33 A

JACA1991, this is what I did to go from 142 to 128:

1) Monthlong Sparkpeople Bootcamp Challenges continuously; not just one month, but every month until I hit goal.

2) Religiously used the Nutrition Tracker and consistently kept my daily numbers in the desired ranges for calories, carbs, fat, and protein.

That's it. Now, in maintenance I no longer do bootcamps, but get at least 30 minutes of cardio and 10 minutes strength training 5 days a week, plus I still use the Nutrition Tracker every day.

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11/22/12 11:28 P

Ok, nobody's understanding where I'm going at so I'll explain it briefly. I wanted to go lower because I was doing successful with losing my tummy and I learned in nutrition class that the less calories you eat and more you exercise the more you'll lose weight. While this is true, I've struggled to make it work because I have a busy schedule with 6 classes and job and motivating myself to eat less is hard. However, I needed to now my calorie range because I'm just started to track my calories and it's good to know what I'm eating and how much of it. There are three more weeks left of school so I'll change my diet to my original calorie intakes which were 1800 to 2100, something like that. Then, when I'm done with school. I'll change the settings to eat less calories because I'll have time to workout more. Also, EBarney, you are wrong. This has nothing to do with looks. I already think that I am beautiful on inside and out and I love my body. However, everyone has their own flaws that they'd like to work with and this one is mine.

11/22/12 4:55 P

Since you are at a healthy weight, why is it you want to go lower? You entitled of course, i'm not questioning that! What I'm thinking is that if it's about looks - maybe exercise alone will sculpt your body to the size you want, even if you stay at the same weight. If your body proportions are not what you'd like - there may be little you can do about that (IOW - we can't 'spot reduce") but maybe you need to do a makeover of your clothes and hair. It may seem silly, but really, the right styles and colors could do wonders for you looks and leave you happy with the weight you are now.

Also, some people say that avoiding starch (I'm not talking low carb here - just avoiding the 'white stuff' and choosing foods from the lower end of the glycemic index) can help alter your body composition. Perhaps even reduce belly fat specifically. Take at look at some low glycemic index or low glycemic load (they're similar, if you do a google you'll see how they differ but the goal is the same) Trying that, even in the same calorie range as now, COULD lower your appetite (it has for me) and help you toward your goal.

Just a thought or two;

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11/22/12 3:50 P


According to the BMI calculators you are currently at a healthy weight for your height, so it could be that trying to drop to 135 pounds is going to take much longer than you would like. While the BMI is not the be-all, end-all in measuring one's health, it is a good starting point. You may want to see if anyone in your area does body composition which is a much better indicator for health and fitness versus a specific number on a scale.

If you are hungry and eating more because of this you may want to reconsider the time frame it will take for you to lose weight. Remember the closer one is to his/her goal weight the longer it may take...just because the number look good on paper, unfortunately these calculations don't always transcribe in the 'real' world...this is where body comp is a better measurement of whether or not you even need to lose any more weight. Remember too, that losing weight and losing fat are not inclusive--it takes much longer to shrink the fat if you are at body comp that is already in the fit range.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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11/22/12 3:50 P

It may be that you aren't eating enough. You say your range is 1200-1550 - what is the average of what you eat? You are at a good weight now, and it may be that your body is where it wants/needs to be. Don't be too fixated on the number on the scale. Sometimes women want to lose weight because they want to trim their tummy, but don't realize that often it isn't weight-loss that is needed, but rather abdominal muscle toning exercises. Pilates is very good for this - it strengthens and tones all your muscles, and can give the appearance of having lost weight just by doing that.


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11/22/12 12:54 P

Ok I am 5' 6" and I am 142 pounds. I do moderate workouts such as aerobics and I do housework. My calorie range for now is 1200-1550 and that is because I want to be 135 by December so I understand that I have to eat less and workout more BUT it doesn't really help because I'm always going over the calorie range so I'm thinking maybe it's not for me and that I should be eating more? Am I eating enough calories?

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