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What you are describing is for tracking strength exercises. To track your cardio,

Click the my Fitness tab at the top of your Start page.
In the Cardio Exercise box, click on the "Add Cardio" button.
You can search or browse to find your exercise, or choose from your list of Favorites.
To search, type in the exercise, click “Search” and choose the closest match. Then enter the number of minutes you did and which day you'd like to add it to, and click the "Add Exercise" button. To have easy access to this exercise later, add it to your Favorites list by clicking the checkbox.

To browse, click on the browse tab, choose a category from the drop-down list and then click the "Browse" button. Choose the closest match, and enter the # of minutes and the day you'd like to add it to. Click the checkbox if you want to add it to your Favorites list, and then click the "Add Exercise" button.

To choose a Favorite, click on the Favorites tab and choose an exercise from the drop-down list. Then simply enter the # of minutes and the day you'd like to add it to, and click the "Add Exercise" button.

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I use a heartrate monitor for a more accurate calorie count, but I cannot find a way to just enter a calorie total on my tracking. Seems it wants you to plug in an exercise with reps and sets....REALLY? Is this the only way to log my calories burned? Anyone have an answer? emoticon

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