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ORODEO73 Posts: 527
11/11/12 7:32 A

I too will look at these sights but I am fortunate to have a family who is doing the change with me. But I am always looking for new recipes to try. Thank you

11/10/12 7:01 P

Thanks for asking and thanks for the responses....I also struggle with cooking for a family that is resistant to change lol...I can't wait until I can check these sites out!

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11/10/12 6:15 P

wow those are some great website links -- thanks for posting!

TRULY2TOO Posts: 12
11/9/12 8:01 P

I have a caveman carnivore too who has no interest in watching what he eats. So where I can get away with it I use lower/low fat versions of things, use my pressure cooker a lot so meats are on a rack most of the time and out of drippings. He only likes a few veggies so I buy frozen and make several for me and one for him. I eat a lot of raw veggies during the day. There are so many ways to fix different dishes that a litle research should help you figure out how to continue what you like in a healthier way. check out Hungry Girl...she has some good ideas.

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11/8/12 2:19 P

I've got one of those too. Here's some things I've made that he really liked, that still fit into my plan too. The site (skinnytaste) two of these come from has a TON of great ideas. I will say, I do tend to reserve more calories for dinner, since that's when we eat together and I want to make sure what I'm making will satisfy him. We also eat late because I don't get home til 7 and don't really get started with cooking until at least 730 or 8.
My BF said this is the best thing I've ever made for him. Instead of using the almond meal on the outside, I just coated w/ egg and then rolled in seasoned bread crumbs. Also, to lighten it up, you can cut a chicken breast in half, length wise, so it's a thinner piece of chicken. But, I made with the full chicken breast and it was something like 480 calories. With a half piece it was around 300 calories.
I just made this as one big loaf on a cookie sheet, as I didn't have the little mini loaf pan.
I make this with the garlic mashed potatoes from the same site
I don't have the calorie count on this but it shouldn't be too bad.
I did these w/ pork chops instead of a roast, and 1 6oz chop w/ the glaze/bacon topping was 458 calories.
/a> I used more chicken than the recipe called for, about 14.5oz. The calories for 1 roll, which is very filling, was 468.

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SWANSONGS Posts: 579
11/8/12 7:25 A

I am used to eating one way and the man that now lives with me eats more of the meat and potatoes variety of food. Plus sweets We eat later at night because of his job..I find its easier to just cook his way instead of two different ways. I dont know how to combine our two different life styles.

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